Gurian Guitars- Identification & Registry

Gurian Guitars- Identification & Registry of known guitars



Gurian guitars are considered to be some of the better handcrafted instruments from the 70s and 80s. In direct competition with other high end brands, Michael Gurian combined high quality workmanship with tooling and technical nous to create some of the finest guitars of his era and helped to pioneer the small factory guitar.

Our guide and database is really the work of several individuals (in particular Art Edelstein and Bob Thomas) who have kindly given us permission to amalgamate the results of their toil into as comprehensive a guide/database/registry as possible. We have of course added information from our own experience and research to further improve the existing knowledge on hand.


- If you have a Gurian for sale or would like to add to the database, please let me know:

-This guide/database/registry is by no means complete & we would appeal for your help if you should own a Gurian or have information to share!

-We aim to have more extensive coverage of individual guitars and have included links to the profiles of those guitars we can get more information on. Please click on the “yes” under the profiles column.

-We have not yet assigned dates to individual guitars as not enough data is available to do so accurately. This is compounded by the fact that dates are fluid in that the year the guitar was sold may not be the year of manufacture.

-Updated 9/3/2014. Updates made to:
1. Fixed descriptions
2. Added 50+ new instruments
3. Tables now fixed


Model Information
- Sizes
- Styles & Options
- Materials
Serial Numbers
- Serial Numbers
- Production Totals
- Pre A-Series
- A-Series
- B-Series
- C-Series
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Identification Notes

The key to identifying a Gurian Guitar is to obtain the model and serial number. Both are easily seen through the soundhole on the neckblock, just like a Martin. The model will be above the serial number and will take the form of a combination of letters and numbers. The serial will take the form of a letter from A to D followed by a 4 digit number.


Sizes, styles & options

Size 2

Vintage 1977 Gurian S2M guitar. SN C2293. Guitar Database. Front.

Total Length: inches
Body length:
Upper bout: 11 1/2″
Lower bout: 14 5/8″
Maximum depth: 4″


Total Length: 40.7 inches
Body length: 19.7
Upper bout: 11.9
Waist: 10.5
Lower bout: 15.3
Maximum depth: 4.0

Size 3

1980 Gurian S3M guitar. SN D21XX. Guitar Database. Body

Total Length: 40.7 inches
Body length: 19.7
Upper bout: 11.9
Waist: 10.5
Lower bout: 15.3
Maximum depth: 4.0


1975 Gurian J-M guitar. SN C2374. Guitar Database. Front.

Total length: 40.7 inches
Body length: 19.9
Upper bout: 12.1
Waist: 10.7
Lower bout: 15.6
Maximum depth: 4.9

Classical Guitar

Total length: 39.5 inches
Body length: 19.6
Upper bout: 11.9
Waist: 10.5
Lower bout: 15.2
Maximum depth: 4.0


(from a 1975 catalogue)

Size 2:


Vintage 1977 Gurian S2M guitar. SN C2293. Guitar Database. Front.

(Mahogany back and sides) $420

This is the smallest model and the least expensive of the Gurian line. It is a superb professional instrument of light mellow sound. It uses the finest machine heads available at any price.


(Indian rosewood back and sides) $550

A mellow sound with the sweetness of S2M 6ut slightly more precise. Darker in colour and more figured than S2M. Features take some superb chrome machine heads.


(Indian rosewood back and sides with 3-piece back and herringbone binding) $650

identical to S2R, but with 3-piece back, full herringbone decoration of the bindings, and superb machine heads, heavily plated in real gold. This magnificently beautiful guitar is the ultimate in small guitars.

Size 3:


1980 Gurian S3M guitar. SN D21XX. Guitar Database. Body

(Mahogany back and sides) $470

A middle-sized instrument with great power, brilliance and sustain. An excellent instrument for solo or accompaniment (finest chrome machine heads).


(Indian rosewood back and sides) $590

Darker and more figured wood with a sound slightly solider and more precise than S3M (same fine chrome machine heads). The Size 3 guitar has become a standard for recording work.


(Indian rosewood with 3-piece back and herringbone binding) $700

Like S3R, but more beautifully decorated and inlaid, with 3-piece back, herringbone binding, goldplated machine heads.



1975 Gurian J-M guitar. SN C2374. Guitar Database. Front.

(Mahogany back and sides) $500

The largest Gurian, with the heaviest bass response and thickest, fullest sound. Favoured by accompanists or soloists who need to fill a large room with a bossy sound. Like all Gurian guitars, it’s an instrument worthy of the professional musician.


(Indian rosewood back and sides) $630

Darker and more figured, with a slightly heavier, more precise sound than JM. (Finest chrome machine heads.)


(Indian rosewood with 3-piece back and herringbone binding) $750

like JR, but decorated and beautifully inlaid with 3-piece back, herringbone binding, and goldplated machine heads.


CLM (Classical guitar with mahogany back and sides) $425

CLR (Classical, Indian rosewood back and sides) $545

CLB (Classical, Brazilian rosewood back and sides) $675

FLC (Flamenco guitar with yellow cedar back and sides, friction pegs) $515


This latest instrument in the Gurian family is both acoustic and electric. In balance and tone, it is unsurpassed by any other instrument. For the electric musician, the Cutaway is a new experience. It is the fantastic but slightly altered sound of the Size 3 UNdistorted plus the power of amplification. To achieve a truly flat-top sound, amplified, has been an unrealized dream since Charley Christian first attached a crude pickup to his arch-top. The Cutaway, with its specially designed and amplified transducer, achieves this dream. No words can adequately describe the purity of tone and balance found from the low E to the highest fret on the first string (which due to the cutaway, is fully accessible). With the Cutaway, a new page is begun in the history of the development of the guitar. The sound of the Size 3 Gurian, either acoustic or amplified, with superb electronics, combined with the increased range and speed of a cutaway guitar.


Top woods:

Sitka Spruce

European Spruce

Back and sides woods:

Honduras Mahogany

Indian Rosewood

Brazilian Rosewood






Machine heads:



FRAP GF100 3- dimensional transducer available for Cutaways. The Fraps were installed in 1980s and 81 according to the 1981 catalog. Back in 1981 they cost $960 for the CM, $1295 for the CMPH and $1460 for the CRH models.


Serial Numbers

The letter is often referred to as the series which announces which era and location the guitar was built. The number represents the individual identification allocated to the instrument from that era. Bearing in mind all numbers started at 1100, a guitar with the serial number A1173 is a different and earlier instrument to say one with B1173.

S1 24

Others unknown

Totals 24 known

“A” Series

“A” Series 1100

Last Known # 1471

A Total 371

“B” Series

Last Known # 1394

B Total: 294

“C” Series

Last Known # 4152

Lost in Fire 231

C Total 3052

“D” Series

Last Known # 2479

D Total 1379

Production ends, winter 1981

Total known production 4865


Series and registry of known guitars:


Series 1
1965 to 1969 | Greenwich Village, New York City

Models reported:

Size 1

Distinctive Features:

2 guitars reported from this era have no recorded serial numbers.

Known craftsmen:

Ed Colman

Known Guitars:

Year Model Top Back & Sides Serial Notes Profile
1968 Gurian S1 Spruce Brazilian Rosewood None 1 of 24 No
1968 Gurian Classical Spruce Indian Rosewood None 1 of 24 No
196x Gurian S1 Spruce Brazilian Rosewood None From Owner- I have a Series 1 w/ Brazilian Rosewood. I’ve had it since 1976, if I hadn’t lived in Boulder Co for a while I wouldn’t had known it was anything but a spiderwebbed abused guitar. It had nickel Schallers on it. I did refinish it because I thought it proper @ the time and I’m pretty good @ working with wood, maybe or maybe not a mistake. I spoke to Michael a few years back after I emailed him a picture of it and he said it was a Series 1 and Brazilian. He also said it was before he had serial numbers and G decals on the tuning head. I get into phases where I like playing a Classical and I very much enjoy playing this. No
1969-70 Gurian S3B Spruce Brazilian Rosewood ? 1 of 24 No



A Series
1969 to 1971 | Bedford Street, New York City

Models available:

Size 1
Size 3

Distinctive Features:

Jumbo was exceptionally deep bodied–5 inches at the tailblock. Many A-series Brazilian Rosewood models were made.

The necks were integral with the sides (Spanish construction).

The truss rod was a single imbedded rod.

Top purfling was full (double) herringbone.

Known Guitars:

Year Model Top Back & Sides Serial Notes Profile
1969-70 Gurian SL3 Bearclaw Spruce Brazilian Rosewood A1151 ebay November 2007 No
1969-70 Gurian SL3 Spruce Mahogany A1152 ebay November 2007 No
1969-70 Gurian J3 Spruce Brazilian Rosewood A1153 From owner- I am the original owner and bought it in 1970 from Izzy Young at the Village Folklore Center on 4th St in NYC. its a J-3 with serial number A-1153. Brazialian rosewood sides. Perfect condition.
1969-70 Gurian CLM Spruce ? A1156 Classical. From owner- I was an instrument repair person in the 70’s at Medley Music in Bryn Mawr, PA and worked with Roger Sadowsky. Someone brought this guitar in as a trade and I fell in love with it and bought it right out. I’m not a classical player so it’s not gotten a lot of use.
1969-70 Gurian JR Spruce Rosewood A1166 Claims to be Brazilian No
1969-70 Gurian CLR Spruce Indian Rosewood A1176 - Pending
1969-70 Gurian CLM Spruce Mahogany A1185 Classical No
1970 Gurian SL3 Spruce Rosewood A1194 Jumbo No
1969-70 Gurian SL3 Spruce Brazilian Rosewood A1195 Bought in 1970 No
19 Gurian S3M Spruce Mahogany A1197 ? No
19 Gurian SL3 Spruce Brazilian Rosewood A1207 Bought new in 1970, Brazilian rosewood 2 piece back and sides No
1971 Gurian S3M Spruce Mahogany A1210 Seen eBay 11/2010, listing by mpoco- Listing info: “This is a nice old Gurian S3M. In fact its the oldest Gurian that I have ever seen. The serial number is A 1210. Since the Gurian serial numbers started at 1100 this would have been the 110th one so it is a very early Gurian. The guitar in a fairly good original example but it has been played a lot so I would rate it in the VG++ to EXC– range. This guitar sounds killer, I think it may be the best sounding of the four that I have owned but I also thought that was the case with the last one I owned. It plays well too but it has some wear and tear and a repaired top crack behind the bridge.This one is so early that it does not have the pinned neck joint with tapered ebony pin(s); there are no holes in the sides; I guess he started using the pinned joint later. The finish is original but there is some pick wear on the top in the picking areas around the sound hole and the finish is partly worn off the lower part of the back of the neck. There was a crack running from behind the bridge to the tail just below the low E string bridge peg and a very short (1/2 inch) crack at the sound hole at the end of the fingerboard. There was no distortion or bellying but I fixed both cracks to be safe. Looking inside with a luthiers mirror and bright light no light came through the crack behind the bridge so it is not clear that it was a through crack but I glued it and cleated it to be safe with a thin crossed grained cleat so it is repaired well. The crack at the sound hole was only 1/2 inch long and I glued and cleated it too. I thought that the back was crack free and near perfect but looking at it carefully now I see 2 finish cracks near the lower bout; I will rub glue into them to be safe and they are not major as I missed them completely on 2 previous inspections.The frets have some wear but there are no grooves in them. The guitar plays well now and you can play it the way it is but it will be worth having a re fret somewhere down the line. The neck angle is the same way. I just set it up and have it playing well and I did not touch the bridge saddle. The string height is about 3/32nds for the high E string at the 12th fret and 5/32nds for the low E string at the 12th fret. The bridge may have been sanded; this was not mentioned by the Vintage dealer that sold it to me and I don’t know what the bridges looked like on these early Gurians but it has no problems, is Brazilian rosewood and I would leave it as it is as tall as some of the original and unaltered bridges that came on some of the 30s Gibsons and they sound great. The neck angle is straight and correct on the treble side but there is some relief on the bass side. It has 70s Schaller tuners. I am not sure if they are original but they work well and are high quality tuners. I have never seen this style before; they have screw holes above and below as per normal tuners such as open back Waverlys so there are probably many options for replacing them. As there are no extra holes visible it never had the chrome Grover tuners found on later Gurians so these may be original. The old plastic bridge pins were replaced with ebony pins and the old ones were put in the case compartment. It has ample saddle height and there is room to lower the saddle a bit in the future.Okay, once again this one is not a pristine example but it is a very rare early example with beautiful sound and the tone woods and finish are original. It is very responsive and should be good for finger picking as well as flat picking, performances and recording. It definitely has that distinctive Gurian sound with amazing sustain and it is so resonant that the neck was tickling me while I recorded the last sound samples. It is a well played instrument, not a pristine example and it does show its age but it plays well and it is a fine sounding instrument.” – Sold for $1350, apparently returned, relisted fall 2011, unsold at press time Pending
1969-70 Gurian JR Spruce Rosewood A1222 Sold 2011. Submitted anonymously Pending
1969-70 Gurian JR Spruce Rosewood A1224 purchased from E. Stutzman in Rochester NY in 1970. Pending
1969-70 Gurian JR Spruce Rosewood A1246 For sale in Tempo Music 2012- It has had numerous cleats applied along center line from neck block to heal. Bridge plate is solid and May have had a neck set at some time. ooks like Indian rosewood, but really Brown in tone. Herringbone rosette, purfling, and back strap. Maple binding body is 4 5/8″ at heel, 4 7/8″ at bottom. No logo on headstock. Back and sides are very straight grained and chocolate Brown as is headplate. Bridge is Brazilian finger board ebony w no Inlay. Schaller machines,
1969-70 Gurian JM Spruce Mahogany A1291 Seen eBay 8/2009, listing by biffbaglama- Listing info: “This guitar has a mahogany neck & body, spruce top and ebony fret-board.Schaller tuners were installed at some point before I bought this. This guitar is in great shape for a nearly 40-year old instrument. It features big boomy sound, excellent action and sustain, it plays beautifully. Nut width is 1 5/8″.I’ve had 2 minor repairs done, both professionally done at Dusty Strings in Seattle. A small, 1″ crack on the top near the purfling where someone closed a case on the guitar. This guitar can’t have a neck reset because of the way Gurian made this style instrument, so I had the back “slipped” to reset the action. Because of these necessary repairs, this Gurian is in fine shape.There are a number of nicks on the face, but nothing unusual for a well-played guitar of this vintage. I’m a professional musician and would rate this instrument a 7.5 mint on a scale of 10 cosmetically.”
– Sold for $1225Seen again eBay 5/2011, listing by keyboredplayer55, ultimately sold for $1650
– Listing info: “Total length: 40.7 inches
Body length: 19.9
Upper bout: 12.1
Waist: 10.7
Lower bout: 15.6
Maximum depth: 5″
Top wood: Sitka Spruce
Back and sides wood: Honduras Mahogany
Bindings: Maple
Fingerboard: Ebony
Machine heads: Schaller
Top purfling is full (double) herringbone
This particular guitar dates from circa 1969. It has seen a lot of use in it’s day and you can tell it’s a stellar guitar because it’s obvious that it’s been played and loved a lot. No abuse here. With a vintage guitar of this age, it has it’s share of dings, nicks and scratches. There is also one nicely repaired top crack that is stable. It was approx. 2″ long and located on the bass side of the top just below the waist near the binding. The wear is mostly on the top. The back and sides look remarkably good for a guitar of this vintage. The ebony fretboard is beautiful and not worn. The frets and action are fantastic and as far as I can tell need no work from my standpoint. This guitar also has a rare nutwidth of 1 11/16ths”. Not rare to other guitars, but rare to Gurians as most of them were built with a 1 5/8th” neck.
The guitar plays well and truly sings.”
– High bid $870, didn’t sell
19 Gurian JR Spruce Rosewood A1293 Seen at Cotten Music, fall 2011 No
1969-70 Gurian S3R Spruce Rosewood A1297 - No
1969-70 Gurian S3R Spruce Rosewood A1300 Project guitar with cracks. Claims to be BrazilianSeen eBay 7/2006, listing by goodies_n_funkies-Listing info: “This is a Gurian S3R from the original New York shop. Serial number is A1300. This has solid Brazilian Rosewood back and sides and a Spanish heel construction, unlike later Gurians with the ebony neck pins.There are dryness cracks on the top that have begun to close up after moving from Fresno CA to Bellingham WA. The top looks to have cracked loose at the fingerboard so this is a project for an advanced luthier. The sides are not cracked but the back took a smack and has an area that needs attention – see photo. All the wood is there and closed up so it should clean up nicely.You will see mahogany Gurians on ebay occasionally and Indian Rosewood ones rarely but you NEVER see a Brazilian Gurian so here is your chance!!” – Sold for $1382.51Seen again eBay 12/2008, listing by opman77
– Listing info: “Given the serial number S3R A1300 you would judge this (size 3, rosewood) to be from the very earliest days, Series A and highly collectible. This instrument is all original and carefully and accurately restored (the cracks on the lower bout repaired by a qualified luthier). No decal on the headstock which was true for all the guitars made in the first year or so.”- Asked $1999, didn’t sell
1969-70 Gurian JM Spruce Mahogany A1313 Seen eBay 8/2009, listing by sukidog- Listing info: “1970’s Gurian Guitar. Handmade in the USA. This is one of Michael Gurian’s first production guitars. This one was made in NYC. It is a J-M. A very early one. With the Serial number A1313. This J-M is extremely clean. It has been stored in my guitar closet for many years. It is made of mahogany with an ebony fingerboard and herringbone binding. It being an early one does not have the “G” on the headstock. The previous owner installed a compensated bridge and possibly a new pickguard. I have never seen another Gurian with these type of gold tuners. They are original and they are NOT schallers. This J-M has a loud voice but as with all Gurians you will be hard pressed to find a more balanced guitar. It is not boomy but it is bold. Width of the neck at the nut is 1-11/16″ .”- Sold for $2100 Pending
1969-70 Gurian S3B Spruce Brazilian Rosewood A1320 In Canada- owner Kevin Delves Pending
1971 Gurian S3M Spruce Mahogany A1350 Seen eBay 5/2004- Listing info: “This auction is for a 1971 Gurian S3M, Serial Number A1350. It is a medium sized mahogany bodied/ spruce top/ herringbone purfling/ acoustic guitar which I bought new in 1971 at the Old Town School of Folk Music Store in Chicago. I thought it looked just a tad too plain, so I inlaid a small mother-of-pearl star on the fretboard at the fifth fret. Inside the sound hole is a decal that says “Gurian Workshops, Earth, Third Planet from the Sun.”It is set up for the recording studio with silk and steel strings and slightly high action which gives the best tone. Six years ago, the guitar was completely restored and refinished by the Guitar Medic in Palm Beach, FL. In addition to refinishing, he replaced the cracked bridge, pickguard, and raised the fretboard slightly so the neck is thicker and stronger, more like a regular acoustic guitar neck than like a thin electric neck that it was originally. I have several other guitars, and while the Gurian was being refinished I became more interested in playing my electrics, so by the time I got it back, I didn’t play it very much. As a result this 33-year-old vintage guitar looks and plays like it is virtually new. The photos here don’t really do justice to how nice this guitar really is.”- Sold for $920 No
1969-70 Gurian S3R Spruce Rosewood A1372 Bought from Michael Gurian 1969Seen eBay 9/2007, listing by zgabrielz- Listing info: “I purchased this guitar brand new from Michael Gurian himself, at his New York City factory, in 1969. It is a 1969 S3R (serial # A 1372). The workmen there encouraged me to get this “smaller” size since I did a lot of finger picking, and they said this would be the best for that style.Description: It has a Sitka spruce top; East Indian rosewood back, sides, headstock veneer, and heelcap; mahogany neck; ebony fingerboard; Brazilian rosewood bridge; ivory nut (1 3/4″) and saddle; chrome Schaller tuners; full (double) herringbone in the rosette, back strip, and front purfling. Absolutely first-class materials and workmanship, as with all Gurians! NOTE: Headstock never had the name ‘Gurian’ or the stylized ‘G’ on it; it was just blank. Years ago I stuck a simple gold round Christmas decoration on it and it’s been there ever since! (see photo)Pickup: It also has an installed L.R. Baggs Micro Duet stereo pickup/preamp, which uses an under-saddle piezo transducer with onboard preamp and internal condenser mic mounted inside the body (see photo, below). No
19 Gurian JR Spruce Rosewood A1382 No
1969-70 Gurian CLB Spruce Brazilian Rosewood A1408 Originally purchased Cleveland OH, 1969
1969-70 Gurian S3B Spruce Brazilian Rosewood A1415 From Owner- I have an original A series Gurian Size 3 Brazilian from the New York shop, serial number A1415. I worked for Michael in NYC and had a hand in building this instrument among hundreds of others. I later worked for him in Hinsdale from 1973-1975. This particular Size 3 is made with one of the last of the 50 CF Martian Brazilian two-piece backs and set of sides Michael acquired from Martin around 1971. It has a Englemann spruce top I selected from over 100 tops at the time. The bracing was shaved a bit thinner than the usual specs by my friend Danny who was doing the tops at the time. It has a wonderful, bright, warm and well-balanced tone. It has the fancy double herringbone inlay around the top and back and half herringbone along the side bindings. It also has a maple bound ebony fingerboard, maple binding around the peg head, gold Schallers, and a maple heel cap. It is only one of a handful Gurians with a bound fingerboard, and the only one I know of with a bound peg head and no ‘G’ logo decal.
1969-70 Gurian S3R Spruce Rosewood A1436 Condition: This instrument is in good condition with normal wear and tear. Study the photos for scratches, etc. Two small repaired hairline cracks in the top are visible but do not affect the sound or playability. Rest of the top is in excellent condition with only minor blemishes. Finish on back of the neck where your thumb presses is more or less worn off from playing, from around the 1st to 9th frets. Finish on back of guitar has small two rough patches. Significant fret wear under strings 1 and 2 up to about the 8th fret. The neck is straight, but the action is a tad high, in my opinion. There is absolutely no buzzing on any of the notes, from bottom to the highest note on the guitar. Pick guard needs to be removed or replaced (it was simply a flimsy piece of thin plastic, attached with double-stick tape, when new).”- Sold for $1100Seen eBay again 6/2008, listing by new2horses
– Listing info: “Up for sale: a very early Gurian model S3R acoustic guitar in great structural condition, with a 1-11/16 inch nut! When I got this guitar, it needed a neck set. The frets were worn beyond anything I’ve ever seen on a guitar. There were several dryness cracks. There was a huge pickup clogging up the center of the guitar, and there were remnants of another pickup system, including a second jack drilled into the lower treble side. I went to Marty and Stuart at Fairbuilt Guitars (, and we figured out what it was going to take. The neck set was the toughest chore, since early Gurians had a Spanish heel neck joint. If you don’t know what that means, suffice it to say that it took no less a luthier expert than the late, great Thomas Humphrey (a former Gurian employee) to establish the best method – to convert the neck to a bolt-on. Stuart did an amazing job, as he did on the re-fret. The guitar now practically plays itself, and if you didn’t know what to look for you’d have no idea there had ever been a neck set or re-fret at all. (One way to tell, though, is to look at the new bolt end in the neck block. It comes right in the middle of the serial number, which is A 1372!). Stuart also removed all the pickup hardware, leaving the endpin jack (for any future pickup installation) but expertly plugging the extra pickup hole, thus stabilizing this weak area of the guitar. He also provided a compensated bone saddle, stabilized any and all cracks, gave the guitar a wonderful set up, and in essence restored this guitar to 100% playable condition. So now what do we have? It’s an A series Gurian, one of his earliest steel string guitars. It was made in approximately 1970 at the Bedford Street, NY shop. All solid woods, of course. Gurian was a wood importer, and never used anything but the best. It has a Sitka spruce top; mystery rosewood back, sides, headstock veneer and heelcap (more on that in a moment); Honduran mahogany scarf joint neck; ebony fretboard; Brazilian rosewood bridge and bridge plate; maple binding; bone nut (1-11/16″); and full herringbone rosette, purfling and back stripe. (No “G” headstock decal on these early Gurians.) The dimensions are similar to other size 3 guitars made later on, except that the waist is a bit wider, and the depth at the tail is about 1/8″ thinner. (Its slender contour makes it extremely comfortable to play!) It comes with a non-original hardshell case, around the right age, but a tad loose. I said mystery rosewood – yes. There don’t appear to be any surviving official Gurian guitar records, so another fellow and I have been trying to reconstruct model/serial number/date records for these fine instruments. So far, out of nearly 200 documented Gurians, we have records of just 13 A series instruments, 7 of which were rosewood size 3 models. Now it is well known that during this period Gurian made a bunch of guitars with Brazilian rosewood backs and sides. Yet only the last instrument in our records, serial number A1471, is specifically designated S3B (B for Brazilian), rather than “S3R” (R for rosewood generally). Thereafter, Gurian clearly distinguished Indian rosewood and Brazilian rosewood guitars as S3R and S3B, respectively. I’m about the 4th fellow now who has owned an early rosewood Gurian, and come to the conclusion that it may have Brazilian rosewood – or some other exotic rosewood besides Indian – for the back and/or sides. Perhaps Gurian was mixing Brazilian and Indian (as I think may be the case on my other A series Gurian), and didn’t believe that justified a different model number. I have no idea. But I’ve owned 10 rosewood size 3 Gurians now, and I’ve got to say there’s something different about those A series instruments. There are plenty of character marks on this 38 year-old instrument – from repaired cracks, to scuffs and dings, to the shadow of an old guitar strap that didn’t agree with the finish on the back, to the outline of a sticker that was on the headstock for a couple of decades.” – High bid $1825, reserve not met
1970 Gurian S3R?H Spruce Rosewood A1441 Seen eBay 3/2003.- Model stamp S3R- But described as herringbone purfling and listed as S3RH- Opening $- withdrawn from auction- Info from listing: “This is an S3R model guitar with East Indian rosewood back and sides. Darker and more figured wood with a solid sound and 2 piece back with herringbone binding. The Size 3 guitar has become a standard for recording work. Total length = 40″ Neck = 24″. This instrument was owned by a Classical Pianist and only lightly played. It is in perfect playing condition”Relisted eBay 6/2003. No
1970 Gurian JR Spruce Rosewood A1448 Initally in British Columbia No
197 Gurian JR Spruce Rosewood A1455 From Owner: I own J-R A 1455. I bought it at Sam Ash in New York in, I think 1972. I have the receipt somewhere. I was told at the time that the back and sides were Brazilian rosewood. The sound it puts out is incredible, which I always attributed to this wood. The neck has been a source of some frustration both due to the action and the narrow width. Since Gurian’s haven’t enjoyed the financial appreciation of some, I have had mixed emotions about investing in it. No
197 Gurian S3M Spruce Mahogany A1460 From Owner: I have owned sinse the early 70’s. It has a spruce top and mahogany body. I believe it was made in 1970. The serial number is A-1460. Comes with ahardshell case that I bought about 10 years ago after the original one was falling apart. I bought it used from the House of Guitars in Spencerport, NY. It had a few scratches but was otherwise in good shape. It still is. I had the neck reset last year and a small crack on the top repaired.Sold on Ebay Feb 2014 for $1750. Description: Here is a beautiful and very rare Gurian guitar from 1969/70. This rare beauty was built in either the original Greenwich Village shop or the Bedford St. shop. Solid research on exact dates from this early period is difficult. The guitar was either a late Greenwich Village built guitar or very early Bedford St. (New York) guitar. This also apparently puts it at a late 1969 or early 1970 build date. This is also when the guitar went from being called the SL3 to the S3M. There is no model number stamped in the neck block. The neck block is stamped with serial number A1460. This guitar was built before Gurian started putting his logo decal on the headstock, which really shows off the stunning Brazilian rosewood used for the headstock overlay. The only Brazilian rosewood headstock I have ever seen on a Gurian. It also has a nice Brazilian bridge and it also appears that the small piece used to join the sides (where the strap button is) may also be Brazilian. It features a wonderfully broken-in spruce top and mahogany sides and back. Also, the binding is rosewood all round. The guitar also features the full herringbone trim on the soundhole and around the top as well as the center strip on the back. It has the original Shaller tuners in perfect conditon. The guitar has had a neck reset, and plays wonderfully. This guitar has some wear you would expect from a guitar this age – plenty of nicks and scratches on the back and sides, which you can see. There is a fairly tight crack running from the bridge to the edge of the body which has been properly repaired and cleated. You can see the crack in the pictures. There is some glue residue etc. on the neck block from the neck reset. There is also a very small crack on the treble side of the neck that runs between the neck and the soundhole. It is small and common on Gurians. The guitar has never had any pickup installed. This very rare beauty plays wonderfully with tone to match. This is a great playing and very rare Gurian guitar. The guitar comes with a nice hardshell black tolex case with black lining in great condition. I have no idea whether the case is original or not. No
197 Gurian JM Spruce Mahogany A1461 From Owner- This is a 1969 Jumbo Mahogany with Black Ebony fret board in pristine condition for the age.
It has never been altered or repaired since original.
I have owned this guitar since 1978 and it was made specifically for a player friend of mine that sold it to me.
197 Gurian S3M Spruce Mahogany A1469 - No
197 Gurian S3B Spruce Brazilian Rosewood A1471 Left handed No


B Series
1972 to 1973 | Grand Street, New York City

Models available:

Size 3

Distinctive Features:

Separate neck held to body with wooden taper pins.

G decal appears on headstock.

Top purfling was “white line” half-herringbone.

Mahogany and East Indian soundboxes, with only some Brazilian Rosewood/German Spruce models were made.

Known Guitars:

Year Model Top Back & Sides Serial Notes Profile
197X Gurian S3M Spruce Mahogany B1112 Owner in Canada
197X Gurian S3R Spruce Rosewood B1124 From Owner- I live in Hope, B.C, Canada. I bought a Gurian new in the early 70’s which I still own today. It is a S3R, B1124. Best sounding/playing guitar in my collection. I’ll be buried with it.
197X Gurian J3BH Spruce Brazilian Rosewood B1173 - No
197X Gurian S3M Spruce Mahogany B1174 Ebay July 2008 Refinished, listed by tapout1965- Listing info: “The serial # is S3M B1174. It is a size 3 and was manufactured in 1972 or 1973. It was refinished by an expert, it took him 3 months and it has not been played since it was refinished. It looks beautiful and has no scratches of cracks. It has new metal strings and the pictures do not do this guitar justice. Everything is original except the scratch plate, tunners and strings.”- Sold for $1000 No
197X Gurian J3B Spruce Brazilian Rosewood B1189 Bought approximately 1972Seen eBay 12/2005, listing by 7158morgan- Listing info: “Rarest Gurian. Renowned luthier Michael Gurian built this Jumbo Brazilian Rosewood 3 pc back guitar in his original New York studio in 1972. They are famous for their long fast necks and deep, rich, bell-like bass and balance.This guitar is in excellent “structual condition” but shows the wear of a 33 yr old working guitar. The original Gurian neck twisted and was replaced by Nick Kukich of Franklin Guitar in 1975 w/custom inlay on headstock. The neck is 100% wood;Honduras mahogany, ebony fretboard with 4 way cross-laminate square ebony trussrod that has remained perfectly stable for 30 yrs. Nick fashioned this neck after my 1969 Goldtop Les Paul but slightly “veed” and thickened it at first position per my request for better fingerstyle thumb position. Many have told me this is the best neck they’ve ever played. German spruce top has rich golden patina.This guitar features a Brazilian Rosewood bridge, wood binding,Herringbone trim at soundhole, back & sides.Abalone inlay at head. Original gold Schaller machines(one chipped). There are various small nicks and scratches, some minor checking, noticable pickwear around soundhole & a ding on top of head. Original bridge has slight cosmetic lift at top(pitch)end that has not changed in 30yrs. I was Nick’s apprentice when he made this neck. He gave me a great deal but did not repair finish nicks & scratches from the work. This guitar is a “Gorgeous Older Woman”, some wear & flaws but extrordinary quality and tone. Neck width at nut is same as original 1 9/16ths inches. Serial # is; 3 J-B B1189.”- Starting bid $2,695, did not sell No
197X Gurian S3B Spruce Brazilian Rosewood B1203 Last Known # 2479 No
197X Gurian S3B3H Spruce Brazilian Rosewood B1217 Ebay Canada Oct 2007 No
197X Gurian J Spruce Rosewood B1251 Seen Guitar Notes 2004- Listing info: “Gurian Jumbo Rosewood serial# B1251. Big Beautiful Voice. Well maintained.Current owner since 1978.”- Location: BC, Canada No
197X Gurian JR Spruce Brazilian Rosewood B1297 Seen eBay 6/2011, listing by qwertyjfk- listing info: “Up for auction is a rare and beautiful 1972 Gurian JR ROSEWOOD acoustic in good condition. This all original collectible has the famous Gurian wide-thin neck which makes this an amazing finger-picking guitar. It has a well balanced tone with smooth playability and sustain. It features an ebony fret board, Schaller tuners, spruce top and rosewood back and sides. I purchased this (I am the original owner) Gurian Guitar from Sam-Ash Music (Hempstead, LI NY) in November: 1972. At that time, I was looking at Martins (both the D-35 and the D-41) and was simply blown away at the sound this guitar put forth and fell in love with it and bought it. It is a used instrument reflecting normal wear and tear as you might see in a wooden instrument nearing 40 years of age. It has a few dings and a few scratches and some high spots in the finish as well as a few spider lines in the finish: again, all normal for a guitar that is now close to 40 years old. The wear is mostly on the back and less so on the sides.. The front looks remarkably good for a guitar of this vintage. The ebony fret board is beautiful and not worn. The frets and action are fantastic and as far as I can tell need no work from my standpoint The guitar was played almost daily between 1972 and 1982 and from there, only occasionally and has been in the case safely out of sight. Being that it was not played consistently, it may need a neck adjustment. It had a full tune-up and fret job circa 1990: done by LI based Master Luthier: Don Alfieri. It comes with the original hard-shell case and though the case shows some wear, it too is in good condition structurally.”- Sold for $1400 No
197X Gurian HJR Spruce Brazilian Rosewood B1301 Seen eBay 9/2004 listed by Axeinhand-Listing info: “This Gurian is a rare Jumbo Brazilian with a serial number of B 1301. If you have been watching the auction of the Size 3 Brazilian (sister to Gurian owned by Paul Simon), this Gurian is only 57 numbers apart. This Gurian is also a “herringbone” model (JRH) with the herringbone trim on the sides and back. The nut width is 1 3/4 inch which is rare for a Gurian. It has its share of nicks as you will see by the pictures, but it is a solid instrument with incredible sound and tone. Everything is original except the custom “compensated” saddle and the end pin which was for a pickup installed sometime.”- Auction ended early because of a listing error No
1970/1 Gurian J3R Spruce Rosewood B1321 1970/71 No
197X Gurian s3R Spruce Rosewood B1331 Seen eBay 11/2004 listing by melodion- Listing info: “The S3R is one of those guitars whose reputation as a fabulous sounding instrument is well deserved. This particular one is no exception. It is only because of an injury to my left hand that I am selling it. This is a great guitar. I am the third owner and all of us have played this guitar. There is a small top crack 1 5/8 inches long under the 4th string from bridge toward soundhole over the bracing. Minor headstock crack professionally repaired about 10 years ago–no movement–Very Solid Repair. It has a few cosmetic nicks but is as sound as any new instrument.The wood in the Spruce Top and East Indian Rosewood Back are Beautifully Bookmatched.”- Sold for $1691.66 No
197X Gurian JR Spruce Rosewood B1341 een Craigslist 4/2011- Listing info: “Jumbo size with Indian Rosewood back and sides, spruce top and ebony fretboard. Loud and balanced with a definite “worn-in” look. Typical look of 40-year-old Gurian’s I’ve seen. Has been worked on since its purchase in 2005 by the current owner only by professionals with the Frap pickup removed and fretboard dressed. Model is J-R, serial number is B1341. Overall length 40.9 inches, body length 19.9 inches, upper bout 12.2 inches, waist 10.7 inches, lower bout 10.7 inches and maximum depth 4.9 inches.”- Seen eBay 5/2011, sold for $1450
197X Gurian S2B Spruce Brazilian Rosewood B1349 From Owner- I purchased my Gurian S2B #B1349 in 1971 and picked it up in Hindsdale NH. It was custom built with vintage Martin Brazilian rosewood and mother of pearl inlays, gold Grover tuners, etc. The guitar is in excellent condition
197X Gurian JR Spruce Rosewood B1350 From Owner- I have a Gurian guitar I purchased around 1972. I believe/believe the serial number is JR 1350 or so (I am working from memory here and am away from home). It is in very good condition and has been well played. No
197X Gurian S3B Spruce Brazilian Rosewood B1358 - No
197X Gurian S3R Spruce Rosewood B1383 - No
197X Gurian S3B3H Spruce Brazilian Rosewood B1394 Originally sold new USA 1973 No
197X Gurian S3B Spruce Brazilian Rosewood B1398
197X Gurian JR Spruce Rosewood B1431 - No


C Series
1973-1979 | Hinsdale, New Hampshire

Models Available:

Size 2
Size 3

Distinctive Features:

Double (“over and under”) truss rod wrapped in aluminum tape introduced.

Three cutaway guitars were made.

Curly Maple available.

Mahogany and Indian Rosewood common, but very few Brazilian Rosewood guitars made.

Known craftsmen:

Ed Colman

Known Guitars:


Year Model Top Back & Sides Serial Notes Profile
19 Gurian JB3H Spruce Brazilian Rosewood C1112 Bought used in West Texas No
197X Gurian JR Spruce Brazilian Rosewood C1114 From Owner-
The guitar has been with me since 1973. I’m a professional songwriter and guitarist, but I have another instrument I travel with. Why am I selling her? Well, I tour quite a bit, often to Europe, and she’s just too delicate to endure the rigors of the road.She’s beautiful, and has a special place in my heart (we’ve been through a lot together) but I think it’s time to let her go.I have heard that Michael started his serial numbers at 1111. If this is true, then it appears that mine would have been the 4th in the series. Is this true? Does this make the guitar more valuable?The top is flat, (no bulge at the bridge), and as far as I can tell, she’s in great shape.Her top was replaced twenty years ago by one of Michael’s former luthiers. I can’t remember his name….Bob____. He had an original master-grade top that Michael had given him when he left the Gurian workshop. ( I remember that he had written a book on guitar repair). I drove to his shop in New England and gave him the guitar. It was a superb repair. He also made me a beautiful rosewood pick guard to replace the old plastic one. I think it’s beautiful.NB: Bill Cumpiano replaced the top.
19 Gurian S3B3H Spruce Brazilian Rosewood C1138 From Owner..I’ve had it for 20+ years but do not know the model. It’s a 3-piece Brazilian Rosewood back, full-herringbone, Spruce top, but has chrome heads instead of gold heads. t’s a really beautiful guitar and plays great. It has spider cracking over the front of the guitar and a couple of very minimal dings…but nothing on the sides or back. I got the guitar 1983 and have never had any repair work done to it. Pending
19 Gurian S3R Spruce Rosewood C1142 Owner currently in Germany
19 Gurian JBH Spruce Brazilian Rosewood C1170 Seen on SF, CA Craigslist 12/2005- Listing info: “Gurian Guitar: Extremely Rare Brazilian Rosewood/ Martin guitar killer – $3200 (mill valley)Serial # C1170There were very few Gurian guitars made. Most were Mahogany models, fewer Rosewood models and just a handful of Brazilian Rosewood guitars.
This particular Instrument is in excellent condition. The Depth and texture of the Rosewood is beautiful. The neck is straight, and the finger board is near mint. There is plenty of saddle height and no buckling of the spruce top.There were two, top cracks, due to its age, below the bridge, that were professionally repaired. One was to the right of the center seam and a smaller one several inches to the left of center. (These are very common on Gurian guitars). There are almost no other blemishes on the instrument. The tone is legendary Gurian, with beautiful action.Width & Depth of the lower bout: 39.8 cm ,11.2 cmWidth & Depth of the Upper bout: 31 cm, 10.9 cmDepth of the body by the strap button 11.5 cm, 4 9/16″Width at nut: 4.3 cm, 1 5/8″Width at 12th fret: 5.5 cm, 2 3/8″ “
19 Gurian JB3H Spruce Brazilian Rosewood C1173 Seen eBay 5/2005, listing by mounthoodauctions-Listing info: “This auction is for an awesome Gurian Dreadnought Brazillian Rosewood Guitar. Numbered – 3 H J-B C1173 C series (1973 – 1979) size 3. It is in very nice condition with only a few minor dings that would be considered less than normal wear. No buckle scratches etc. The case shows wear, but it is quite obvious that this quitar was taken very good care of.”- Sold for $1585, but apparently the sale fell through; resold later that month for $3050 (!) No
19 Gurian JB3H Spruce Brazilian Rosewood C1176 - No
19 Gurian JR Spruce Rosewood C1179 From the owner: I was very spoiled getting used to playing my Guild Starfire II electric guitar which I got in 1966. After all these years I still have not found an electric guitar that felt and sounded better, especially since it helped to give me a unique sound. By the early 1970’s after graduating college (University of Cincinnati), I was hanging out in Cincinnati, Ohio, working odd jobs and getting some experience playing music. I recall being invited to sit in with a band that included a small horn section at a downtown venue. There was a nice crowd, mixed white and African-American. All was going nicely; I was able to improvise my accompaniment and was enjoying my time with the band. When it was time for the band to take a break, an announcement was made inviting people in the audience to take the stage and play music. I stayed on stage and 2 African-Americans joined me on bass and drums, started a jam, and wouldn’t you know, people started dancing instead of just listening!Fast forward to June 1973. I decided to revisit the west coast of Canada and hitch hiked with a friend from college all the way from Long Island (New York) to Vancouver, British Columbia (Canada) by way of Cleveland (Ohio), Salt Lake City (Utah), Boulder (Colorado), Washington State (Eastern Slope to Olympic Peninsula and ferry to Vancouver Island, then Vancouver, B.C.) We had driven out there the year before, ostensibly to fight forest fires, putting about 25,000 miles on my car (gas was cheap back then), worked various jobs in British Columbia (track and tie gangs on the Canadian National Railroad, picking/trimming fruit, etc.) It was to be a “liberating” experience not to have the car.Soon enough we were able to hook in to the local color of Vancouver and I was introduced to the music scene. It was during this time that I came to appreciate acoustic guitars. Since I had hitch hiked out there, I was without a guitar and people were nice enough to let me hang out and play their fine acoustic instruments. I made some money by helping out some one with a moving van or house painting and hung out playing music at all night beer drinking house parties (this was right before most of Vancouver’s urban renewal), sitting in occasionally at small music venues. I would buy strings for people that let me play their guitars; so naturally, I would browse acoustic guitars trying out Guild, Gibson, Martin, and much to my amazement, thinking that the best sounding acoustic was some unknown “Gurian”! I met up with a great local singer songwriter rhythm guitar player, originally from the interior of British Columbia, whose talent seemed to be a combination of Richie Havens, Bob Dylan, and Hank Williams all rolled into one. Eventually, I travelled down to San Francisco where I hooked up with him and his lady half of a singing duo hanging out mainly in the North Beach neighborhood, having unforgettable experiences and getting more in tune with the acoustic guitar.Not seeing how I could support myself financially in that situation, I flew back to New York in January 1974 with the hope that my Canadian singer/songwriter would be able to call me back for a music situation, but with a more immediate goal of getting together to play music with another singer/songwriter in New York City I met and played with briefly beforehand.

I bought a cheap Yamaha acoustic guitar with the first $100 I made in New York, and then within a number of months of working downtown in a garment factory, I bought the Gurian J-R C1179 at Sam Ash Music in Hempstead, Long Island. I became friends with the salesman, a bass player, and a friend of his, who eventually played the original role of Paul McCartney in the Broadway production of The Beatles (late 1970’s – early 1980’s) – even jammed in the basement with a group they were getting together with Vanilla Fudge’s Vincent Martell (they didn’t need a 2nd lead guitarist even though Vincent’s eyed popped when I got loose!) Anyhow, back to New York City and the singer/songwriter: painting my left hand fret board fingernails with glitter nail polish, machine gunning patrons at the bar with my Gurian during solos in Alphabet City. I was working by day at a garment factory, hanging out trying the music at night, getting little sleep.

I returned to Vancouver, Canada on a vacation from the garment factory. One of the highlights of the trip was a visit to Galiano Island (Gulf Islands, between Vancouver, Canada and Washington State) to visit old friends. The Gurian raised some eyebrows with people asking me how I was able to get such a powerful ringing sound from a guitar. At other times and places, people would comment that the only time they had ever heard such sound from a guitar was at concert venues, never just sitting around in a living room.

I did return to San Francisco a few years later on vacation from the garment factory job, Gurian in tow, finding my Canadian singer playing at an old North Beach hangout, quite a comedown from what I understand was a position at the Boarding House music venue. Hey, I played some music for old times sake, even met Lennie Bruce’s ex wife.

By 1985 I was in the fashion industry running a fabric importing business by the financial seat of my pants that was started in the late 1970’s, my guitar playing revolving around jazz workshops, my NYC singer songwriter friend dead of a drug overdose in the Chelsea Hotel. I did hear from my Canadian singer who called me out of the blue during the late 1970’s wondering how it would be in New York City. The last I heard he was in Whitehorse, Yukon (Canada) but was so many years ago.

So what’s been special lately about the Gurian J-R C1179? How about crashing at my son’s college “townhouse” dormitory during his freshman year? We wouldn’t let him bring up his electronic keyboard to school until he showed us some good grades. By October, during “Freshman Weekend” I showed up with his keyboard and the Gurian. We had a great time hanging out, playing music, jamming with him and some of his friends. Three years later, when he was a senior, this time renting a house, I brought our daughter up for a long weekend, crashed at the house, the Gurian at the ready, more good times were had. How many dads get to do that!!

12 ¼ inches Upper Bout
11 inches Waist
15 ¾ inches Lower Bout
25&13/16 inches Scale Length Bridge to Nut
1&23/32 inches Width of Fret Board at Nut
2&9/32 inches Width of Fret Board near Sound hole
17&15/16 inches Fret Board Length
19&7/8 inches Body Length
4&9/16 inches Body Depth
3 ¾ inches Sound Hole Diameter
Frets: 20
Grover Chrome Tuners
Ebony Fret Board
Spruce Top

19 Gurian JR Spruce Rosewood C1182 eBay August 16, 2006, listing by warlocke000- Listing info: “This is an auction of an extremely rare hand made acoustic guitar by famed luthier Michael Gurian!! It is being auctioned by its original owner, having been kept in a case in a climate controlled environment….It does bear a few small nicks on the back – look at the pics! (I tried to magnify the nicks as much as possible – in actuality, they are not nearly so noticeable)The tone is magnificent! A similar Gurian recently sold for $4100+ on Ebay – I’m only auctioning it because I don’t play acoustic any more….Feel free to email with any questions…..Specs
Serial #C1182 (made approx 1971/72 based on charts available)Rosewood back and sidesEbony fretboardSchaler tunersBrazilian rosewood bridgeDouble (over/under) truss rod”- Sold for $2899Relisted by buyer stealthfish 9/2006, didn’t sell
19 Gurian S3B3H Spruce Brazilian Rosewood C1207 1973 No
19 Gurian S3B3H Spruce Brazilian Rosewood C1217 Seen eBay 10/2007, listing by jeremystem- Listing info: “Gurian S3B “H3″ Acoustic Guitar 1971 – Extremely Rare- with original hardshell case. 3 piece Brazilian Rosewood back. Mahogany neck. Top is AAA grade Sitka Spruce. Gurian used only the finest grade woods available, no short cuts. Outstanding Brazilian wood grain patterns set off by perfect ivory tone Herringbone trim. Everything 100% original. Some finish wear on back of neck from capo, a bit of bulging on the front below the brigdge, and the guitar is in need of a good setup. The serial number of this guitar is C1217.This guitar is the very rare S3B “H3″ model which designates the 3 piece Brazilian back, not just two piece.”- Asked $8500 (!), didn’t sell No
19 Gurian JR Spruce Rosewood C1245 - No
19 Gurian S3R Spruce Rosewood C1258 - No
19 Gurian S3R Spruce Rosewood C1259 From the owner:
“I am the original owner of this fine instrument. Acquired new in Orange County, California. I plan on handing it down through my family. Or I may elect to be buried with it, that’s how much I like it!Some finish checking and a few scratches, otherwise in very fine condition. Color has turned a rich amber like fine aged lacquer should. This instrument is amazingly balanced sounding throughout, sounds and plays fantastic, and records beautifully. To this day is my main recording acoustic guitar. I always get comments on how good this guitar sounds. Other guitars have come and stayed, and some have gone, some of them very expensive and/or vintage instruments, but this one has always stayed. I guess once you have a Gurian, you get very attached to it. At least I have.I originally had a Victoria case for it that didn’t fit quite right so I eventually bought a G & G case from Gerry Germain straight from the factory that fits like a glove.”
19 Gurian JBS Spruce Brazilian Rosewood C1261 - No
19 Gurian JM Spruce Mahogany C1285 From Owner- I bought it new in 1972 or so from E. Wesley Stutzman Guitars in Rochester NY.
19 Gurian CMPH Spruce Maple C1327 Seen eBay 11/2009, listing by woodysmusic- Listing info: “This auction is for a Gurian Acoustic Cutaway Guitar. From the research I’ve done, it looks like a D Series which was made from 1980-1981. The number on the neck block is D1327. I’ve got an old price list from 1980 that lists a cutaway with a model number CMPH. As you can see from the picture of the neck block, the H is above the CMP. So, I’m assuming that it’s a CMPH. Everything is original. This has been a player’s guitar. There is some wear in various places on the guitar. It has a very sweet piece of flame maple for the back and sides. Theres’ some fret wear on the first 4 frets beneath the B string and a little wear under the High E. No buzzing and the plays very nicely up the neck.I believe we may have make a mistake in the listing. The original owner of this guitar has informed that the series is incorrect. It should be a C-series guitar which was made between 1973-1979. It was purchased second hand in 1974 from the original owner David A Rice, which you will see written inside the guitar.” – Sold for $1869 No
19 Gurian JM Spruce Mahogany C1354 - No
19 Gurian JM Spruce Mahogany C1356 Seen eBay 2/2006, listing by muffinhead- Listing info: ” This is the J-M model Jumbo size guitar with a C 1356 serial number which places it I am told between 75-79 possible. This guitar is in great cosmetic condition considering its age. Comes with the original case it appears with even an original dried up bottle of Gurian guitar polish! Found finger picks in the case which means that this guitar most likely did not take even heavy two fisted strumming and I cannot see any wear of the sort. The frets are in great shape. There are obvious signs of use the occasionally small ding or scratch, but seriously nothing I could catch in a photograph. I have listed 12 photos to get you the best possible idea of condition. This guitar plays INCREDIBLY! The neck is straight true and does not buzz even with such great action! It beats my Taylor in every way. The neck is extremely comfortable with unique type of feel. The case shows use but is in extremely solid condition and will continue to protect this guitar anther 30 years.”- Sold for $1483 No
19 Gurian S3RS Spruce Rosewood C1372 ebay September 2007 No
19 Gurian S3R Spruce Rosewood C1373 - No
19 Gurian JR Spruce Rosewood C1413 - No
19 Gurian JR Spruce Rosewood C1443 From the owner:
“Has a number of cosmetic issues, well repaired. Aquired from Acoustic Music in Guilford Ct. $850. Could care less what it looks likes. Sounds heavenly.”No19Gurian JMSpruceMahoganyC1456Bought used in New York in mid 70s.Sold again in 1996 through Mr. Music in Allston, MA .
-Owner’s comments: “My JM I bought at Mr. Music in Allson, after stalking it for several weeks. I’d been looking for a serious guitar to replace the one I learned on. It was one of two Gurians hanging on the wall, and I had ignored it until my girlfriend said, “What about that one?” It was kind of beat up when I got it – belt buckle indentations on the back, the stereotypical Gurian vertical crack below the saddle on the front – and I’ve beaten it up further, since that’s what I apparently do.”
19 Gurian JK Spruce Koa C1531 1972, Koa jumbo; claimed to be one of a kind but it’s not No
19 Gurian S2R Spruce Rosewood C1546 - No
19 Gurian JR Spruce Rosewood C1562 1973 No
19 Gurian JM Spruce Mahogany C1575 Seen eBay 5/2010, listing by heinz57401- Listing info: “I made the fatal mistake of putting this guitar in a soft carrying case. One day it fell and and it ended up with the crack shown in picture. Crack is about 12 inches long but very clean. When I squeeze it together you can hardly see the crack. I was going to get it fixed but I decided to let it go. Guitar has a beautiful tone. The guitar is in good shape with a few ding’s here and there. All the string’s were loosened to releave the stress the day it got damaged. Guitar has Grover tuning pegs and full ebony fret board. Bill lawrence pickup was put in through tail peg.”- Sold for $810 No
19 Gurian JM Spruce Mahogany C1593 Seen eBay 10/2011, listing by carusomusic- Listing info: “You are bidding on a Vintage Gurian J-M Acoustic Guitar. The guitar is in very good+ condition. There are some minor dings and scratches, and one small crack on the back that doesn’t go all the way through. The pick-guard has shrunk over time and has a bit of a wrinkle to it.The action is perfect, and the neck was just reset two days ago by well-respected luthier Paul Neri. It’s a great playing guitar.
Guitar specs:
Serial number: C1593
Upper bout 12″
Lower bout 15 1/2″
Depth at tail block 4 3/4″
Depth at Neck Block 4 1/4″
Top: Sitka Spruce
Back and Sides: Mahogany
Headstock: Brazilian Rosewood Overlay
Bridge: Brazilian Rosewood
Fretboard: 14/20 Ebony (white dot side position markers)
Tuning: Machines Chrome Schaller
Nut: Ivory
Saddle: Bone
Binding: Rosewood
Purfling: Herringbone
Long Scale: 25.75″
Nut/Saddle: width 1 7/8″, 3″
Condition: Very good
Case: OHSC, handle is broken”- Sold for $1570.99
19 Gurian S2M Spruce Mahogany C1612 Seen eBay 3/2005, listing by jcokok-Listing info: “Beautiful Mahogany body, Ebony fretboard, Brazilian overlay on headstock ,herringbone purling , Beautiful Maple,Mahogany wood binding giving it a Rope like Effect, and Original Shaller tuning heads.This guitar is in very good to Excellent condition. This guitar is very clear and dynamic and Spot on in every way. A Truly Great Guitar and I hardly ever use those words. Not many Great Ones that’s for sure.This is ideal for all around playing and especially good for recording.The fast neck make it a great player.This has 14 Frets to the Body and 20 Frets total.It also has a Unique Neck Shape for Faster,easier Fretting as you move up the Scale.It is fatter on the Low End and Thinner on the Treble.Sort of a Half Heart Shape.Plays with Ease and elegance.Very Unique Shape. Unlike most modern guitars which are built for only light to extra light strings, it can be strung with extra light to heavy (medium gage) strings with great sound and sustain.This baby has more volume that the Gibson’s, Martin’s or Taylor’s that I have played.And it’s got that Crisp Sound to it,too . The back of the Neck and Neck Heel and Block are ONE PIECE Mahogany and just Superb.If you look inside the Soundhole,last 2 pics, you will see an Ebony Peg on the Treble side of the Neck Block.This is a Unique Feature that was Custom made,I was told, to make it easier should the Neck ever Need a reset.I’ve never seen it on any other Guitar before.Very Innovative.The frets and fretboard are in very good condition. This vintage Gurian is stable; there is a finish line where the Solid Spruce (Sitka I was told) top plates join between the bridge and bottom of the lower bout (pictured) which is not a problem and common in Gurians and other quality guitars of this vintage.The finish is THIN and looks like a Nitrous Cellulose finish to me.It allow the Guitar to get full projection and wears very well at the same time. The nut is a hair under 1 11/16 of an inch.It measures 41″ Tall overall.The Body is 19″ long.The Top Bout is 11 1/2″wide and the Bottom bout is just about 15″wide.The width of the Body is 3 11/16″ at the Top Bout and 3 15/16″ at the Lower bout. The action is a low medium for great all around playing and the neck is straight.The frets and fretboard are in very good to excellent condition.The String pegs look to be Ebony with abalone inlay and there is no lower strap peg.All Gurian’s have this upper strap peg placement on the Neck,ala Vintage Martin’s.Since I got it has Never left my House and appears to be all original with no Repairs.”- Sold for $1550
Seen eBay 8/2005, listing by jpberkley (previous buyer)- Listing info: “From the inside writing on this particular Gurian, it is a S2M model with the following serial number: C1612.This guitar is as close to mint as any guitar close to 30 years old could be expected to be. I took a close-up picture of one “bear claw” marking that is in the wood itself and is not a flaw or scratch. I own over 30 high quality guitars from Olson to Doolin. This guitar sounds great and looks wonderful. I would be surprised if you could find a Gurian that looks better than this one. The guitar has very little playtime on it. It will be shipped in its hardshell case.The back and sides and neck are mahogany. It has a thick rosewood bridge, ebony fingerboard and spruce top. There is herringbone around the soundhole and the trim is done in what appears to be half herringbone and maple, giving it a rope-like effect.”- Sold for $1226.99
19 Gurian JM Spruce Mahogany C1628 Bought new 1974 No
19 Gurian JM Spruce Mahogany C1633 Seen eBay 11/2008, listing by pawnmart- Listing info: “GURIAN ACOUSTIC GUITAR WITH A HARD CASE EXCELLENT SHAPE..I don’t have much info on this guitar…The inside label has ” Gurian Workshop Earth Third Planet From the Sun ” This guitar is in excellent condition. On the inside of this guitar I found these numbers….J – M, C1633″ – Sold for $1470
19 Gurian S3M Spruce Mahogany C1635 Refinished with French polish No
19 Gurian S3M Spruce Mahogany C1636 Seen eBay 9/2006, listing by sadrobotpants- Listing info: “Those of you looking at this guitar probably know all about Gurian guitars and don’t need a hard sell. This model (S3M C1636) was produced in the mid-70′s in the Hinsdale, NH studio. Aside from a few minor scuffs in the finish, it has been impeccably kept with no structual damage. It is an absolute beauty and a must for any serious Gurian collector.”- Sold for $1420 No
19 Gurian S2M Spruce Mahogany C1657 - No
19 Gurian JR3H Spruce Rosewood C1708 Seen eBay 5/2005, listing by gdsecsListing info: “Model JR3 jumbo herringbone acoustic, serial number C1708, made by Michael Gurian in Hinsdale New Hampshire in the mid-1970′s. This is a beautiful instrument, made with the best materials and craftsmanship. It is in very good condition, as you can see from the photos below, with a few minor buckle scratches and blemishes on the back. The back and sides are made of rosewood, I believe the top is spruce, the bridge is rosewood and the fingerboard is ebony, with no inlays. Tuners are made by Schaller. The back is 3-piece. The neck is straight, the frets are in excellent shape. Action is low, with no buzzing. The hard shell case is in average condition.Also included in this sale is a blended AKG / Fishman pickup system, using an outboard Fishman Pocket Blender. The AKG is model C416 mini condenser mic. Also installed is a Fishman rare earth magnetic soundhole pickup. A stereo TRS 1/4″ cable is used to connect from the endpin connector to the Fishman pocket blender. The blended signal is then output via XLR balanced cable or 1/4″ unbalanced to a mixer or acoustic amp. Included in this sale are the installed pickup and mic and blender, along with the original boxes and user guides. Any external cables you see in the photos are not included.
Guitar approximate dimensions:Scale length 25 5/8′ ; Lower bout 15 1/2″ ; Upper bout 12″ ; waist 11″ ;Depth 4 1/2″ ; overall length 41 1/4″ ; nut width 1 5/8″ ”- Sold for $1325Seen eBay 8/2005, listing by phil0phil (previous buyer)- Sold for GBP 1,100.00 (approximately US $1,988.36 at the time). Suspiciously similar listing appeared from the same seller 9/2005, so maybe this sale fell through (as did the subsequent listing)
19 Gurian JR Spruce Rosewood C1714 Bought new in Germany, 1974 No
19 Gurian JR Spruce Rosewood C1716 Seen eBay 8/2009, listing by thomastdonard- Listing info: “Serial Number C1716 is in excellent (near mint) condition. Spruce top, Indian Rosewood sides and back, and Ebony fingerboard. It has only a few small blemishes.”- Sold for $1375 No
19 Gurian S3M Spruce Mahogany C1753 Bought new 1975 No
19 Gurian S3R Spruce Rosewood C1758 Seen eBay 8/2006, listing by 1oldbanjo- Listing info: “This Gurian Guitar was built in 1975 according to the lady we bought it from. It is serial number C1758. My wife is the 3rd owner and the lady we bought it from purchased it in 1977 from Famous Old Time Music in Cincinnati for $ 517.30 with the case and taxes. She played it for a few years and then when she got her Pre-War Martin she left it under her bed for more than 20 years. A few years ago my wife had decide to upgrade from her Alvarez and we bought this guitar for $ 1,500. The guitar is in very nice cosmetic and playing condition. Structurally the guitar is perfect and there are no cracks that I can find anywhere. The action is very low and plays very well. There is no fretwear and the fingerboard has only a hint of any wear at the third fret at the first string…..from the fingernail on your pinky when making a G chord and a little bit less wear at the same fret on the second string. Cosmetically the guitar is very nice and has not been abused – but does show a little bit of wear. The back of the neck has some small marks from a capo and there is a little ding on the back of the neck near the heal. The back of the guitar has a few scratches in the finish but nothing is deep or goes through the finish, and my camera and photographic skills are not good enough to show them. The front of the guitar has a few pick marks and a couple of very small dings, and the finish has some finish cracking from something – and I don’t know what causes them but I have seen an awful lot of this finish cracking on old Gibsons and Martins. This particular guitar is a “C” series, built in New hampshire. It’s a size 3, which I have heard is the absolute best instrument Gurian made. (Paul Simon’s favorite guitar in the world is a size 3 Gurian.) This one has a sitka spruce top, Indian rosewood back, sides, and heelcap, a rosewood bridge and headstock veneer, an ebony fingerboard, a mahogany neck, a bone nut (1-5/8″) and saddle, ebony bridge pins, Schaller tuners, and maple binding. The rosette is herringbone, and the purfling is half-herringbone. Everything is original, and the guitar comes with the orignal Gurian hang tag, the 1977 sales receipt, and an appraisal from Gruhn Guitars dated 1992 with a $ 1,000 value established. I am a banjo player and don’t play guitar well – our friends who have played this guitar like it very much and say that it plays and sounds exceptional.”- Sold for $1751 No
19 Gurian S3R Spruce Rosewood C1762
19 Gurian S2R Spruce Rosewood C1786 - No
19 Gurian JR Spruce Rosewood C1827 - No
19 Gurian JM Spruce Mahogany C1841 1975 No
19 Gurian JR Spruce Rosewood C1869 From Owner- I have a Gurien Guitar J-R C1869 made I believe in 1975 or thereabouts. In beautiful shape.
19 Gurian S3M Spruce Mahogany C1881 Private Owner:- “Purchased new in Costa Mesa (or Newport Beach?), CA in the mid 70′s, along with hard shell case. Excellent condition.” No
19 Gurian JM Spruce Mahogany C1902 Seen eBay 2004- Listing info: “This Gurian is in great shape and plays and sounds excellent as well. Intonation is perfect on this guitar, and every time I play it, I am impressed by the sweet sound it delivers…. The guitar has really opened up over the years, and the top has turned a nice orange color. The J or Jumbo is the largest of the Gurians and this model has Honduras mahogany back and sides. The fingerboard is ebony with a rosewood bridge. This is a great looking guitar with maple bindings, herringbone purfling and herringbone rosette.The only repair I have done to this guitar is a minor bridge reglue when I first acquired it. There are no cracks that I am aware of. Overall the finish is in excellent shape, with a few finish nicks, some surface scratches on the top and some belt buckle marks on the back (they do not show in the photos). The peg head features a nice Brazilian rosewood overlay and is appointed with Schaller tuners. ” – Sold for $ No
19 Gurian JR Spruce Rosewood C1908 Purchased 1975 from Rockin Robin in Houston TX.
19 Gurian JM Spruce Mahogany C1931 - No
19 Gurian S3R Spruce Rosewood C1934 Sold on Ebay Jan 2014 by new2horses for $1550. Description: I’ve spent years re-introducing Gurian guitars to a new generation of players who’ve never seen one of these legendary instruments. It looks like the supply of Gurians changing hands is starting to dwindle, but here’s another one for you to think about.This is a size 3 rosewood (S3R) Gurian guitar from the C series, built in Hinsdale, New Hampshire in approximately 1974 or 75. For many of us who’ve owned a number of Gurians over the years, this is the best model guitar from the most consistent period in Gurian’s guitar-building history. That’s saying something, too, since all Gurians were built to professional player standards and attracted the likes of Bob Dylan, Jackson Browne, Joan Baez, Ezra Idlet, and – most famously – Paul Simon. Google “Paul Simon Surfer Girl” to see Paul playing his all time favorite guitar.More details on this model: it has a Sitka spruce top, Indian Rosewood back and sides, ebony fretboard and bridge pins, Honduran mahogany neck, maple bindings, Brazilian rosewood bridge and bridge plate (one secret of Gurian’s fantastic tone), bone saddle and nut (1-5/8″), half-herringbone (rope) purflings, and Schaller tuners. After almost 40 years of play, it’s developed that amazing, open tone you just can’t get from a newer instrument, no matter the cost or quality. All that player’s mojo comes with some character markings, of course; it has a couple of repaired top cracks, finish crazing, and a number of minor scrapes and dings. The Gurian sound hole sticker and headstock decal are gone, but there’s a sticker on the back of the headstock that shows it was sold at Matt Umanov’s shop in New York City, just down the street from where Gurian opened his original shop. Still looks good, and it’s just had a neck set by Nick Anthony in Catonsville, Maryland. Nick did a great job, and this guitar has returned as a head-turning, fun-to-play tone machine. It has great volume, fantastic balance, and the haunting harmonics Gurians are known for … the ones that work so well in the recording booth.NB: serial number from photos No
19 Gurian S3RH Spruce Rosewood C1946 Ebay Oct 2007 – Spliced top piece No
1975 Gurian S3M Spruce Mahogany C1950 Seen eBay 7/2011, listing by frostological- listing info: “I traded an upright bass for this guitar in 2005. At the time I was more in love with the idea of Gurian than the actual guitar I came across, but I knew I wanted one and couldn’t believe I met a guy looking for my bass – and he wanted to trade a Gurian! He said he bought it in Maine in the early 1990′s, so I have little history of the instrument. It needed the bridge reglued, and after research I sent the guitar to Tucker Barrett (a good friend of Michael Gurian’s) for a bridge reglue, fret dress, and general set up. It played much better after I got it back, $300 later.The guitar has been through it. The finish is worn in many places, there is lacquer missing from parts of the back (see the high-contrast picture for a good look at what I’m talking about), and the neck is worn to a nice satin. The G logo on the headstock is partial, and the label is missing from the inside. There is a small crack repair that is clearly pictured if you click to enlarge, circled for your convenience. The guitar has pick marks (not mine), but the frets are in good shape. The action is higher than I like, and I like it high – so get ready to make some adjustments. Try as I could, my hands never really fit this guitar — and though I think the sound is a perfect blend of early Taylor and modern Martin, with a touch of Alvarez Yairi blended in, at the end of the day if the guitar doesn’t fit your hand it doesn’t matter how great the sound is. Thinning the collection is a new priority, and this cool guitar is up first, sadly. Honestly I don’t know if I will ever see another Gurian, as I understand they are being bought up by better players than I.
PLEASE ask questions before buying – I’m guessing this needs a neck reset for the serious finger picker, as the action is higher than I’d like. The saddle has room to come down, and the neck needs a general adjustment. I’ve described this to the best of my meager ability. Hard case included, handle and latches all solid.This 1975 Gurian S3M All-Solid Handmade Acoustic Guitar has the following features:
Model: S3M
Top: Spruce
Back and sides: Mahogany
Headstock: Solid, “G” headstock decal (partial)
Fingerboard: Very Thick Ebony
Bridge: Ebony
Total Length: 40.7″
Upper bout: 11.9″
Waist: 10.5″
Lower bout: 15.3″
Nut Width: 1 10/16″
String Height At 12th Fret: 3/16th”
– Sold for $1199
19 Gurian S3M Spruce Mahogany C1951 Seen eBay 9/2005, listing by hmtrad- Listing info: “This Michael Gurian guitar is a C series which means Hinsdale, New Hampshire and pre-fire: Gurian’s Hinsdale shop was destroyed a few years after this guitar was built. The serial number (#C1951) indicates that it was made in 1975, thus it is coming up on its 30th anniversary.The model we are offerring is a S3M. It has a close grained Sitka spruce top, mahogany sides and back, and mahogany neck. The peghead overlay appears to be Brazilian rosewood (nice touch) and the tuners are German Schallers. We have done a set up in our shop so the instrument plays well up and down the neck. The only non-original feature is an installed end pin jack without any on-board electronics. Everything else appears to be original with the possibility that the tuners were replaced — the original tuners were Schallers and the ones currently on this guitar are also Schallers.
A used hardshell case is included with the instrument.We could not find any cracks. The guitar does have plenty of finish scratches and a few dings (see photos below) which would not be unusual for a great sounding guitar that its owner(s) loved to play. Like most well-made and now vintage guitars, this Gurian has a nice open sound, and being made of mahogany, not rosewood its tone is very balanced without the sometimes too overpowering bass of the rosewood models.”- High bid $1115, reserve not met
19 Gurian JM Spruce Mahogany C1966 From Owner- I bought it from Herb David in Ann Arbor, MI and have played it since then, around 1996. It is obviously not pure or even VG. The lipstick pickup is vintage and the small upper pick guard was added by a well-meaning tech. The braces were slightly beefed up because I use all my guitars as one would play an electric.
19 Gurian S3R Spruce Rosewood C1976 From owner: Purchased at Matt Umanov’s Guitar store when it was still on Bedford Street in the Village. It’s clear and bright as any guitar I’ve played…
1975-6 Gurian JM Spruce Mahogany C2000 Bought USA 1976 No
19 Gurian JR Spruce Rosewood C2016 Seen eBay 10/2010, listing by v8quattronut- Listing info: “Excellent player… Incredible sound. It has a Fishman pickup installed (the good one). This does not bruise the guitar at all. I pulled it to get a photo of the serial number and verified this. The guitar is from the early ’70s. The width at the nut is 1 5/8″. Indian Rosewood with nice frets. The cracks from the bridge down had no need for repair so it was left alone. It has a cloudy finish in places with some nicks and scratches. The pick guard went missing some time ago as well. A local luthier named Brady went over it with a fine tooth comb and all checked out well. This Gurian has enormous, beautiful, clean sound and is just a joy to play as per my father.”- Asked $1200, no bids No
1975-6 Gurian JM Spruce Mahogany C2028 Bought new spring of 1976 from Sam Ash- Owner’s comments: ” I was all of twenty-one years old when I found my Gurian. I had been playing a Univox (didn’t everyone start with one of those?) for years, & decided I needed something with better sound. I tried Martins, Guilds, and I don’t know haw many others when the salesman suggested the Gurian. I was immediately enraptured by it’s tone & clarity, & placed my order. I received the guitar about two weeks later, followed by a thank-you letter in the mail signed by Michael Gurian.”
1975-6 Gurian JR Spruce Rosewood C2059 Bought new May 1976 No
19 Gurian JM Spruce Mahogany C2082
19 Gurian JM Spruce Mahogany C2086 Seen eBay 8/2004 listed by tracyf2- Listing info: “Puchased December 1975. Bought it at the Guitar Shop in Washington, DC. Steve the owner knew Michael and carried a bunch of his guitars. One owner. It was my dream guitar at the time. I had always wanted a hand made guitar.
For sound, it was a real “cannon” in noisy sing-a-long clubs. Many coffee houses and bars later, I put her away and have not played her since 1990. Now with children growing,I need to pay for their dreams. I took her to a local and well respected luthier ( Neil Harpe, Annapolis, MD) for a “once over” to get her ready for a new life and this is what he wrote for me:Quote from Luthier:
“Professionally repaired side crack (approx 1 inch long)
Top Seam separation also repaired from bridge to butt.
Minimal playing wear and a few minor scratches. Excellent tone and playability.”
Original hard shell case has 2 broken latches and road wear.”- Sold for $1275Ebay Jan 2008 – Repaired side cracks, top seam separation
19 Gurian S3M Spruce Rosewood C2102 - No
1975-6 Gurian S3R Spruce Rosewood C2111 From owner- It’s in perfect condition, hardly played since I am a piano guy. I probably will want to sell it to someone who would appreciate it one of these days, but am in no hurry. I also have the original bill of sale, the Gurian brochure from that time, and a signed letter to me from Michael Gurian, acknowledging the sale and the lifetime warranty, No
19 Gurian S3R Spruce Rosewood C2140 1977. Private Owner- “The C2140 was the first guitar I ever bought and I bought it from Lane Music in Vernon Ct. I’ve probably bought more than a thousand since then. It was in 1976. I just recently sold the guitar through Cotten music several years ago since I never played it anymore and everything I do play has a 1 3/4 wide neck.” No
19 Gurian JM Spruce Mahogany C2158 From the owner: “I bought a Gurian guitar in the early 70′s back in Lansing, Michigan. I live in California now and it’s still the only guitar I’ve played since buying it back then.” No
19 Gurian HJR Spruce Rosewood C2169 Seen eBay 9/2003:- Listing info: “This is slope-shouldered Jumbo model acoustic guitar from the shop of Michael Gurian.Serial # H J-R C 21 69; dark rosewood back and sides,bridge and peghead overlay;Adirondak spruce top,ebony fretboard; mahogany,one-piece neck. The bridge saddle is ivory;nut is either ivory or bone;gold tuning machines. Maple wood binding top, back,and end-pin strip with black line/rope/black line purfling on top,back and sides,and end-pin strip! Herringbone back stripe(zipper)with herringbone and multiple wooden strip rosette. I bought this guitar from Gruhn’s in 1994;the salesman there told me that the original owner was Paul Craft,Nashville singer/songwriter(“Keep Me From Blowing Away”;and “Drop Kick Me ,Jesus, Through the Goal Posts of Life” and others.) Professional compression refret done in 1996;so neck is very straight;action is low with no buzzes. Very little playing time,hardly any wear on these well-contoured frets. (I took up mandolin right after I bought this guitar). Usual signs of having been played;some scratches;nothing serious;structurally very sound with well-balanced tone and great projection as only a 30+ year old instrument has. All original finish and appointments (pickguard is missing;but no wear in this area);label: “Gurian Workshops,Earth,third planet from the Sun.”NB: Not Adirondack spruce. No
19 Gurian S3M Spruce Mahogany C2171 Seen eBay 4/2006, listing by lowaction- Listing info: “Michael Gurian New Hampshire 1970′s hand made flat top acoustic guitar All original down to the bridge pins ! serial # C2171 Ebony fingerboard Brazillian rosewood bridge Mahogany back & sides Very tight grained spruce top Origianal Shaller tuners 4 Small stress marks on sides near neck NO NECK ANGLE PROBLEMS This guitar is solid! Top is Flat, stays in tune. Gurian Used a unique Mortise and tenon neck joint with taper pins and No glue. I have owned this guitar for12 years with absolutely no problems Tone is superb Unlike any guitar of this size that I’ve ever heard. If I had to compare it it would be to a 50′s 00018 Martin or an earlier Gibson Lg3 Dimensions are 25.5 scale length Body 15.25 lower bout 11.5 upper Depth at butt is 3.80″- Sold for $1330 No
19 Gurian S2R Spruce Rosewood C2209 Sold Ebay Oct 2007 No
19 Gurian JR3H Spruce Rosewood C2216 - No
19 Gurian S2B3H Spruce Brazilian Rosewood C2256 Ebay (from Canada) April 08, listing by theequinequeen- Listing info: “Beautiful gurian guitar. Three piece rosewood back and sides. Ebony fingerboard. There is a bit of a scratch on the back, as seen in the attached picture, and the end peg is missing, but as is it was appraised $6,000.00. The sound on this guitar is unequalled and all who play it are in awe. It has been used to record a few albums in it’s day and was owned by Michael Gurians best friend Bill Lewis. I have too many guitars, and am moving to a smaller place. I have to sell some to down size. Inside on the base of the neck is stamped 3 H S2B then C2256. It is Brazilian rosewood. The nut is 1 5/8ths.”- Asked CDN 5000, no bids No
19 Gurian S2M Spruce Mahogany C2293 Seen eBay 2/2010, listing by hologeek- Listing info: “This absolutely stunning guitar from Gurian’s New Hampshire workshop circa 1977 is an excellent example of why these guitars are becoming collector’s items. This size 2 Grand Concert has mahogany back and sides, Sitka spruce top, ebony fingerboard, Brazillian redwood bridge, ivory nut and saddle. The rosette is a herringbone pattern which is duplicated on the wood binding of the guitar.The guitar has been refinished to match the original natural finish and is in near mint condition. The sound is exquisite with sharp treble and melodious base and wonderful sustain.” -ASking $2950
19 Gurian S3M Spruce Mahogany C2349 ?Originally Sold in Sweden 1976 No
19 Gurian JM Spruce Mahogany C2332 Purchased new in Boston December 1977Seen on Dallas, TX CraigsList 11/2005
– Listing info: “Pre-fire Gurian, model J-M #C-2332, bought in Boston in 1978 – owner has arthritis, must sacrifice. Excellent condition with hardshell padded case. Can e-mail photo on request.”
19 Gurian JM Spruce Mahogany C2351 Seen eBay 5/2006, listing by joysown- Listing info: “Jumbo size hand-made Gurian guitar w/ mahogany sides, back, and neck and solid spruce top. And high gloss finish.Serial number C2531. Made between 1973 and 1979.
It has excellent tone quality and playability on par with the best Martin, Gibson and Taylor guitars.This guitar is in very, very good condition. And has only a few minor dings on the binding edges and some minor scratches and finish checks on the top. There are two (approx.1/4″ long and 1/16″ deep) dents in the top. One is 2″ below the bridge and 1″ from the pick guard. The other is 3/4″ from the edge where your arm rests when playing. However, these are very minor flaws for a 30 year old instrument and only add to the character of this very solid, very fine instrument.”
– Sold for $1691Seen again eBay 11/2008, listing by iamthemartinman (previous buyer)
– Listing info: “This J-M (Jumbo with mahogany back and sides) is from the C factory (open from 72-79) this particular serial 2531 dates it later in the production range of that era. Overall this guitar is in great condition. There is a small amount of finish checking on the top above the sound hole and a few pick marks below the pick guard by the bridge. Other than that the guitar looks flawless. The frets have some wear but have lots of life left in them. The neck is straight and plays with nice action. The ebony fret board makes for a very smooth quick play. 25 1/4″ scale length. Original Grover tuners, bone nut, Brazilian Rosewood headstock veneer and bridge. Herringbone binding, rosette, and back stripe. Body depth 4″, lower bout width 15″, nut width 1 5/8″. ”
– High bid $1431.01, didn’t sell, listed again 4/2010, sold for $1525
19 Gurian S3B3H Spruce Brazilian Rosewood C2352 Originally sold in Sweden – Used in 1986 No
19 Gurian JM Spruce Mahogany C2355 Seen eBay 8/2010, listing by lansdebbe- Listing info: “Anyway…this one is special…built in Hinsdale in the 76/77 era, it is in superb original condition, and sounds as one would hope….and expect, from a 35 yr old axe. It was recently acquired in trade with a Very Famous Lead Guitarist/Performer/Teacher and can be seen on his YouTube clips Etc. Came with med strings, and I put lights on…playability and sound are superb. “- Sold for $1795 No
1975-6 Gurian S2M Spruce Mahogany C2363 sales receipt shows 12/17/1976Seen eBay 3/2011, listing by carusomusic
– Listed at $2495, then $2195, then $1995- Listing info: “The guitar is in absolutely remarkable condition. With the exception of some nearly invisible marks on the back of the guitar you would think this a new instrument. It’s that clean. The guitar has a strong voice with a pronounced mid-range bump. Whether flat-picking or finger-picking the guitar responds to the player with a complex tone and broad dynamic range. Size Similar to Grand Concert/OM
Upper bout 11 1/2″
Lower bout 14 5/8″
Depth at tail block 4″
Depth at Neck Block 3 5/8″
Top Sitka Spruce
Back and Sides Mahogany
Headstock Brazilian Rosewood Overlay
Bridge Brazilian Rosewood
Fretboard 14/20 Ebony (dotless – side position markers)
Tuning Machines Chrome Schallers
Nut Saddle Ivory
Binding Rosewood
Purfling Herringbone
Long Scale 25.75″
Nut/Saddle width 1 5/8″, 2 1/4″
Condition: Excellent”
19 Gurian S2M Spruce Mahogany C2368 bought new in 1975 No
19 Gurian S2M Spruce Mahogany C2374 sold through Fellowship of Acoustics Netherlands
19 Gurian JM Spruce Mahogany C2379 Seen Craigslist 2011- Listing info: “Gurian S2M w/ case . I am the original owner of this guitar–bought it in 1979 (I think!), but it has been out of my possession for many years–recently got it back (long story!). It is an exceptionally sweet and well-balanced instrument with a smallish body, a long scale and somewhat narrow neck width. VERY playable and ideal for finger style and soloing. Probably best suited to a musician with small to medium sized hands/fingers. Serial number c2379. 1 9/16 width at the nut. Low E buzzes sometimes, which is typical for these guitars, but it is fixable.”- Listed for $1800 No
19 Gurian S3R Spruce Rosewood C2416 Seen eBay 7/2007, listing by farmteam- Listing info: “This a fine Gurian in Mint condition – It lost its pickguard along the way, but as there was no damage to the soundboard i have played it that way for years. You could but one back on if you wanted, but I never strummed this instrument so i saw no need. Model SR3 – Serial # C2416 – Never had a problem with the neck for 4 decades – The intonation is true, the neck is true and the guitar shows little signs of anything other than good care and play – Excellent example of one of the the first of lone wolf luthiers and well worth the play.”- Sold for $1830 No
19 Gurian S3R Spruce Rosewoo C2418 Purchased New No
19 Gurian S3R3H Spruce Rosewood C2424 Purchased in 1977 from Original Owner No
19 Gurian JM Spruce Mahogany C2438 Seen eBay 5/2009, listing by suchescabin- Listing info: “Best of grade Solid Sitka Spruce top, beautiful book matched Solid Mahogany sides and back. Solid sitka spruce top has aged to a beautiful butterscotch honey color, very attractive, a perfect sound board. No cracks anywhere, all seams tight. Original Bone nut and Bone saddle. Neck and frets [Ebony fretboard] in excellent condition. Brazilian Rosewood bridge, nicely grained. Original Schaller tuners, tight and sure. Beautiful matching Herringbone trim around top edge and sound hole. Aged cream color on Herringbone and bone, gorgeous.Dimensions; Length, 41″. Lower bout width, 15 1/2″. Depth, 4 3/4″. Scale, 25 1/2″. Nut width, 1 11/16″. Action, medium to light.
This vintage guitar is 100% original, no alterations or repairs, and none needed. Typical small scratches here and there, nothing significant and just part of being 34 years in this world. Non-smoking, 50% humidity controlled storage environment. Always stored in case when not being used. Some small belt buckle marks on back, touched up a bit and not bad at all. Very nice overall vintage look, feel and sound.”
– Sold for $1725
19 Gurian JR Spruce Rosewood C2448 Seen eBay 2004- Listing info: “When I got out of the Army in 1971, I purchased what was to me at the time a pretty expensive guitar ($500) I’d never heard of before, but after playing it I couldn’t believe my ears and had to have it. After 15 of proud ownership, I fell on hard times and sold it to a close friend who still has it and loves it (and won’t sell it back). So I embarked on a quest… to find a Gurian just like my old one. I ended up buying and selling about 6 Gurians over the next few months until I found the one that I was looking for. In a word… Sweet. I did a couple of mods. I installed Grovers tuners like mine had. I also had electronics installed with and endpin jack since I wanted to be able to record. “- Sold $ No
19 Gurian CM Spruce Mahogany C2498 - No
19 Gurian JM Spruce Mahogany C2524 Bought New USA 1976/77, Ebay Feb 2008 No
19 Gurian JM Spruce Mahogany C2531 - No
19 Gurian S3R3H Spruce Rosewood C2533 - No
19 Gurian S2M Spruce Mahogany C2536 - No
19 Gurian JR Spruce Rosewood C2562 Narrow fingerboard No
19 Gurian JR Spruce Rosewood C2564 Seen and sold in Utah 2004 No
19 Gurian JR Spruce Rosewood C2568 Private owner- bought new in 1976 in Austin, Texas No
19 Gurian S3R Spruce Rosewood C2576 Seen eBay 7/2003
– Undersaddle pickup
– Listing info: “Beautiful herringbone trim around soundhole and top of guitar. Nice tight grained spruce top with solid rosewood back and sides. Playability excellent and tone excellent. Nice volume. It has it’s pings and dings here and there, but all around, not many. I would have to say excellent cosmetic condition. It does have a typical Martin type crack extending about 1 1/2 inches down from edge of pickguard. ”
– Sold $
1975-6 Gurian JR3H Spruce Rosewood C2595 Bought new in Australia 1976.
Seen eBay 6/2005, listing by likeafish10- Listing info: “This auction is for a lovely Gurian jumbo steel-string acoustic guitar (“Earth, Third Planet from the Sun” label, serial# 3H, J-R, C2595), most likely made in New Hampshire in the early/mid-1970s. It features the Gurian Jumbo body with half-herringbone binding on front and back, three-piece rosewood back, rosewood sides, Sitka spruce top, mahogany neck, ebony fingerboard, rosewood bridge, and gold-plated Schaller (?) machine heads. A strap button has been installed on the neck. It shows the normal signs of age and wear: some minor cracking below the bridge, two small indents in the finish on the neck at about the 9th fret (see pic; they don’t hinder playing), very minor marking at one join on the back (see pic), some wear to the finish up from the machine heads. I bought the guitar in 1976 and used it for 6-7 years. It has not been played much since, but plays in very quickly and has a lovely tone. It comes with its original case, which shows its age (signs of airplane travel; sorry, no key for the lock).EXTRA INFO: I have noticed that the bridge has lifted slightly from the body for about 1 inch by just under one-quarter inch at the corner closest to the 6th string pin. My apologies for not including this in the intial description.”
– Sold for $1136
19 Gurian JM Spruce Mahogany C2603 Seen eBay UK 7/2003- Listing info: ” Owned from new, the guitar has an ebony fingerboard and is fitted with a Barcus Berry under-saddle pick up. It is in excellent condition and still plays well, although there are one or two minor dents and scratches on the top.” No
19 Gurian S3M Spruce Mahogany C2611 Private owner-”This is a S3M, CN C2611. Looking up my records I acquired the guitar around 1995 (26 not 15 years in my possession as I had estimated). It was an even trade for a refurbished Gibson L5. There is no Gurian label and the photo doesn’t show the “G” headstock decal that’s there. Wish he had used an inlay. The SN/CN is stamped into the neckblock. The label that is showing is from Bucks County Folk Music Shop, 40 Sand Rd., New Britain PA, that they “inspected, adjusted and sold” the guitar. I called them in ’97 and they sent me a letter saying that “Karl sold only a handful of Gurian guitars.” The guitar has been well maintained but not pristine. It’s been played. A few finish chips and quite a bit of crazing on the spruce top. I heard that Gurian liked to experiment with finishes. The ebony fretboard is mottled, but the construction is still very solid, no anomalies otherwise. The action is very good, the trebles are bright and the bases nice and deep. “
19 Gurian S3R Spruce Rosewood C2615 Seen eBay 1/2011, listing by ntlauctions22- Listing info: “GOLD SCHALLER TUNERS (made in germany)
20 FRETS (frets are unmarked)
THIS ITEM IS IN VERY GOOD CONDITION.In the 12th photo, there is a H above the model number. There is a 3 stamped above the H. The camera was unable to get it to show in the photo.”
– Sold for $2291
19 Gurian CM3H Spruce Mahogany C2617 - No
1976-7 Gurian CM3HP Spruce Maple C2639 Cutaway. Bought new November 21, 1977 from Troubadour Music Shop, PA No
1976-7 Gurian CRH Spruce Rosewood C2644
1976-7 Gurian S3R Spruce Rosewood C2662 1976-1977 Has a passive pickup No
1976-7 Gurian CMHP Spruce Mahogany C2671 - No
19 Gurian JM Spruce Mahogany C2681 Owner in Germany
19 Gurian JM Spruce Mahogany C2683 Seen in Woodstock guitars in Denmark March 2013
1976-7 Gurian S3R3H Spruce Mahogany C2695 Private owner- “Purchased factory direct in June of 1977. Neck block reads 3 H S3R C2695. Nut width is 1 5/8. This guitar hasn’t been played in years and is in excellent condition. Loved the tone but had trouble with the neck width.” No
1976-7 Gurian S2M Spruce Mahogany C2723 1977 No
1976-7 Gurian JR Spruce Rosewood C2736 Seen for sale at 7/2005- Condition described as excellent. No
1976-7 Gurian JR Spruce Rosewood C2740 From Owner- he guitar needs a lot of work. I took it to The Guitar Specialist in Golden’s Bridge, NY (he’s done work on Paul Simon’s Gurian, and that’s why I chose him), and he estimated repairs at $1200. Among the more significant problems are bowed neck, separated bridge, several cracks on the face, and some loose bracing. The cracks would probably require a cleat to close (I think that’s what he said), and the bow would necessitate removing the frets and replacing them (even though the truss rod turns). As for the bridge, that would have to be replaced.
1976-7 Gurian JM Spruce Mahogany C2746 1977 No
1976-7 Gurian JM Spruce Mahogany C2755 19771977
Seen eBay 12/2003- Listing info: “You are bidding on a great old Gurian acoustic guitar. This is a J-M series and serial #c2755….. some crazing in finish but not bad”
– Sold for $Seen eBay 3/2004
– Listing info: “Gurian JM serial #C2755. in very good condition with hardshell case. This one is in pretty good shape finish crazing small crack on the lower back by parting strip. ”
– Sold for $
1976-7 Gurian JR Spruce Rosewood C2759
19 Gurian S3M Spruce Mahogany C2777 From Owner- I purchased this guitar slightly used about 1978 or 1979 from Stutzman’s Guitar Shop in Rochester, NY when I was a teenager. It has been dragged here and there and still plays and looks good (considering it’s age). The guitar is in excellent condition – some lacquer checking but no cracks and is in original condition. I love this guitar precisely because it has a small neck and is perfect for a woman’s hand. It has great tone and is a beautiful, well- made instrument.
1976-7 Gurian S3R Spruce Rosewood C2784 1977 No
1976-7 Gurian CRH Spruce Rosewood C2786 1977 No
19 Gurian JM Spruce Mahogany C2825 Seen eBay 2/2005 listing by lowaction- Listing info: “Let me first say that this is NOT a collectors item It has been played and played some more The reason ? it sounds awsome! This was owned by a professional The serial # is C 2825 If you are looking at this you probablly know the Gurian legend If not do a search and you will find about the Man and his instruments . This particular guitar has eight top, and one upper side crack repairs They are all well done but they all show The pickguard may or may not be original This has had the finish removed from the entire body and a light coat of what I believe to be nitro sprayed on The neck has never been off you can still see the rosewood taper pins The shaller gears are right and work perfectly The bridge is down tight ant there is plenty of saddle with a low fast action Hardshell case is included. This is the deep model 4 1/2 inches! Half herringbone purfling Herringbone rosette ROSEWOOD BINDING on a mahogany body ( hence the M in JM)”- Sold for $750 No
19 Gurian CRH Spruce Rosewood C2838 sold on eBay 7/9/06. Listing by axeinhand- Listing info: “A rare Gurian Cutaway in Rosewood. Model number CRH (cutaway rosewood herringbone) and serial number C-2838 (middle 70′s). Other than some minor finish hazing on the top, some minor pick scratches under the pickguard and some “finger nail marks” on the fretboard – 2nd and 3rd fret, This beauty shines. All is original, including the factory installed transducer mick with a bridge mounted, brass knob, tone control. The neck angle is perfect and the sound is, well, Gurian. Comes with the original black hard shell case.”- Sold for $3083.33 No
19 Gurian ? ? ? C2859 Seen & sold on eBay 7/9/06 Seen eBay 2003- listing info: “This is a great Gurian, built in New Hampshire during the hey days of Gurain. It is mint except for one small ding in the top which is hard to see, but it’s there. The serial number is C2859. It has a slight twist to the neck as most of these guitars have. The frets have been professionally dressed and and a new nut made to compensate for it.” – Sold for $ No
19 Gurian JM Spruce Mahogany C2897 Seen eBay 10/2010, listing by jjcarcat- Listing info: “This guitar has been played so don’t bid if you want museum piece. Overall it is in nice shape but it has a pickup and jack added. There is some damage in the area of the jack. The frets have slight wear but still good to go. The action is slightly higher than I prefer but works fine for me. The sound is great with tone and volume to spare.”- Sold for $1200 No
19 Gurian JR Spruce Rosewood C2927 Seen eBay 1/2006, listing by sap323- Listing info: “Reluctant sale of Gurian acoustic 75/79? with hardcase and bridge pickup guitar in good condition usual playing marks, tone is superb a truly great guitar, nut is 40mm back is two piece I believe case is original I have been reliably informed serial number JR C2927 was made in late 1977(thanks Bob)On 07-Jan-06 at 10:26:58 GMT, seller added the following information:
Back and sides are BRAZILIAN ROSEWOOD as opposed to indian rosewood nut is 40mm and rout is 105mm f/board to base
On 07-Jan-06 at 13:11:30 GMT, seller added the following information:
Sorry not being techy minded didn’t know what a bout was!! the measurements of the bouts are 300 mm and 390mm approx hope this helps you lot out there.”
– Sold for GBP 900.00 (Approximately US $1,585.98 at the time)NB: Claim of Brazilian Rosewood unverified
1976-7 Gurian S2M Spruce Rosewood C2969 1977, 48mm Nut width No
1976-7 Gurian S2R Spruce Rosewood C2974 1976-77 No
19 Gurian CMHP Spruce Rosewood C2993 - No
19 Gurian JR Spruce Rosewood C3029 1977-78 No
19 Gurian JM Spruce Mahogany C3041 Private, original owner:- Bought new from Sam Ash NYC in the 70′s
– 2 top cracks- Seen eBay 7/2011, listing by quincyscollegefund.
– listing info: “Beautiful Gurian Guitar. Has two cracks on top but is otherwise in very good condition for its age. For sale by original owner. Bought at Sam Ash in NYC circa 1976.Model: J-M
Serial no: C3041
Year: Circa 1976
Top: Spruce
Back and sides: Mahogany
Headstock: Solid, “G” headstock decal
Fingerboard: Ebony
Bridge: Ebony
Total length: 41″
Body length: 20″
Waist: 11″
Widest Part: 15.5″
Depth: 4.25″
Neck Width at Nut: 4 cm (approx 1.5″)
String width at at Saddle: 5.7 cm (approx. 2.75″)
Comes with hardshell case in good condition.”
– Sold for $1000
19 Gurian JM Spruce Rosewood C3042 - No
1978-9 Gurian S2M Spruce Rosewood C3060 Seen eBay 5/2005, listing by crittercroo- Listing info: “You are bidding on a rare find—a Gurian Guitar for sale. Most Gurian guitar owners never let them go. Due to an accident I gave up playing the guitar over 20 years ago but have never been able to part with this beauty.This model was made in the mid to late 70′s and is part of the C-Series. The neck and back are mahogany. The front is solid spruce with marquetry. The bridge and the head of the neck are rosewood; can’t say whether Indian or Brazilian. The fretboard is ebony. I purchased my guitar from Bill Lewis Music Ltd., Vancouver, British Columbia, on June 30, 1979. I still have the original bill of sale. The bill of sale says it’s a Gurian S3M C3060 but the block is clearly stamped S2M C3060.The guitar is in excellent condition except for a few scratches in the polish on the front of the body, one a 3/8″ x 3/8″ chevron shape that’s a little deeper but still seems to be only in the polish. The wood appears to be undamaged. It has been hardly played and not played at all for many years. It has been kept in the original hard cover guitar case I bought for it when I bought the guitar. It has always been kept in the house away from heat and damp sources. Everything is intact and there is no other obvious damage.Approximate dimensions are: 40-1/8 in. overall length; 19 in. body length; 11-1/2 in. inner bout; 10-1/8 in. waist; 14-1/2 in. outer bout; 3-7/8 in. depth.”
– Asked $999.99, withdrawn before auction end
19 Gurian JM Spruce Rosewood C3072
19 Gurian S3M Spruce Mahogany C3114 sold on eBay April 9, 2007 No
1979 Gurian JR Spruce Rosewood C3144 Seen on eBay 4/2005, listing by simpleandtrue- Listing info: “One owner. Less than 10 hours total play time. Completely restored to immaculate condition.I purchased this guitar in Brooklyn, NY (where the Gurian workshop was located) in December of 1979, thinking that I would some day learn to play the guitar. Well, I didn’t. This guitar has sat in my closet for over 25 years. When I finally pulled it out last fall, the Colorado dryness had put some cracks in the body. After speaking to a variety of guitar players, I was told to bring it to Woodsong Luthiers, one of the top acoustic guitar repair shops in the US. As you will see, they returned the guitar to its original condition. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, to own a Gurian guitar that has essentially never been played. I would guess that there is no other Gurian on the planet that has few hours of play time on it. Purchased by one owner, stored in a closet for over 25 years, and now it’s yours to own and cherish. This is Gurian’s jumbo C model featuring Indian rosewood back and sides, a fingerboard made of ebony, with a neck made of mahogany. The peghead has an Indian rosewood veneer with chrome Schaller tuners. The top is spruce, with an Indian rosewood bridge and custom bone saddle. This Gurian has nothing wrong with it. It’s in impeccable shape.”
– Sold for $1680.99Sold again on eBay April 9, 2007
19 Gurian JM Spruce Mahogany C3153 - No
19 Gurian JM Spruce Mahogany C3154 Sold on ebay Feb 2008 TrueTone pickup No
19 Gurian JM Spruce Mahogany C3156 Seen eBay 8/2005, listing by gkjones1- Listing info: ” This particular guitar comes from Gurian’s Hinsdale, New Hampshire factory, and was manufactured between 1973 and 1979. From information gleaned from various Gurian websites, I believe it was made with mahogany neck, sides, and back; a rosewood bridge; an ebony fingerboard; a spruce top; with herringbone around the sound hole, and half herringbone around maple binding. DIMENSIONS. The dimensions of this particular guitar are greater than those of the standard models listed on the websites. I don’t know what this means — except that maybe Gurian experimented with different size guitars, perhaps? Overall length: 41 & 1/4″; Body length: 20″; Lower bout: 15.5″; Waist: 10 & 3/4″; Upper bout: 12″; Maximum depth: 4 & 5/8″; Width of neck at nut: 1 & 5/8″. CONDITION: Cosmetically, it’s about an 7.5 out of 10. Several dings to body, finish checking — about what one would expect given its age. Structurally, it’s A-1 — completely sound. ACTION: Set up low for fingerpicking. Bluegrass players may want it a bit higher, but otherwise it’s good to go. Frets show almost no wear. This is a player, with a nice warm, rounded, woody tone — similar to vintage Gibsons perhaps? So far as I know everything is original. (I’m not the original owner. Other than having the action lowered and the guitar intonated, I’ve never had anything done to it, and have had nothing replaced.) SERIAL NUMBER: J-M C-3156.”- Sold for $999 No
19 Gurian JM Spruce Mahogany C3175 1978 No
19 Gurian S3M Spruce Mahogany C3187 - No
19 Gurian S3M Spruce Rosewood C3191 - No
1979 Gurian S3R Spruce Rosewood C3204 Known Built in Mid 1978 No
1979 Gurian JR Spruce Rosewood C3207 From owner- purchased it about 15 years ago and don’t ever use it so I am considering selling – it’s condition is pretty clean – a couple of light marks on the top and back – sold to HK in 2012 No
1978 Gurian JM Spruce Mahogany C3224 Photos here No
19 Gurian JM Spruce Mahogany C3232 Bought new 1978 No
19 Gurian JR3H Spruce Rosewood C3240 Known Built in Mid 1978 No
19 Gurian S3M Spruce Mahogany C3250 1978 No
19 Gurian CMHP Spruce Maple C3298 Maple cutaway sold on eBay 5/13/07 No
19 Gurian CMHP Spruce Maple C3355 Maple cutaway sold on eBay 5/11/06 No
19 Gurian S2R3H Spruce Rosewood C3361 1978-79 No
19 Gurian JM Spruce Mahogany C3270 ebay November 2007 Passive pickup No
19 Gurian S2R Spruce Rosewood C3371 sold on eBay March 2, 2007 No
19 Gurian JM Spruce Mahogany C3402 Originally sold new in Sweden No
19 Gurian CMHP Spruce Mahogany C3429 - No
19 Gurian CMH Spruce Mahogany C3432 USA No
19 Gurian JR Spruce Rosewood C3467 sold on eBay March 5, 2007 No
19 Gurian JR Spruce Rosewood C3474 ?from 1978
19 Gurian S3M Spruce Mahogany C3481 replaced ebony fingerboard, fretwire, bridge and pickguard No
19 Gurian Spruce ? Mahogany C3490 From Owner- The Guitar is left handed. There has been one repair on back. It was fixed by a pro and looks beautifully unnoticeable.
19 Gurian S2M Spruce Mahogany C3510 1979 No
19 Gurian JR Spruce Rosewood C3566 1979 No
19 Gurian JM Spruce Mahogany C3571 - No
19 Gurian S3M Spruce Mahogany C3601
19 Gurian S3M Spruce Mahogany C3603 - No
19 Gurian S3M Spruce Mahogany C3610 - No
19 Gurian CRH Spruce Rosewood C3612 - No
19 Gurian S3R Spruce Rosewood C3621 Ebay Sept 2007 No
19 Gurian JM Spruce Mahogany C3679 - No
19 Gurian S3M Spruce Mahogany C3736 Auctioned Ebay Jun 2007 No
19 Gurian JM Spruce Mahogany C3776 Auctioned on Ebay Jan 2007 No
19 Gurian JM Spruce Mahogany C3797 Originally sold new in Sweden 1979 No
19 Gurian CRH Spruce Rosewood C38XX Ebay Aug 2008, FRAP Pickup fitted No
19 Gurian CRH Spruce Rosewood C3814 - No
19 Gurian CRH Spruce Rosewood C3816 USA No
19 Gurian S3R Spruce Rosewood C3828 Sold on Ebay Feb 2014 by gato17 for $1900 Description: Rare wide neck Michael Gurian S3R 6-string in excellent condition. Most Gurian steel strings (like my other one) have a narrow, 1 5/8 inch neck at the nut, but he made some custom models with a 1 7/8 neck, especially for finger-style players. They don’t come around on ebay or anywhere else very often. Spruce top, rosewood back and sides, mahogany neck. Ebony fingerboard. Brazilian rosewood bridge with ebony pins. Chrome Schaller tuners (“Made in W. Germany” — it was 1978).
19 Gurian S3R Spruce Rosewood C3832
19 Gurian JR3H Spruce Rosewood C3839 Originally sold new in UK 1979 Guitar Junction UK May 2007 No
19 Gurian JR3H Spruce Rosewood C3869 - No
19 Gurian JR Spruce Rosewood C3896 sold on eBay March 15, 2007 No
19 Gurian S3M Spruce Mahogany C3918 sold on eBay April 4, 2007 No
19 Gurian JM Spruce Mahogany C4133
19 Gurian JR Spruce Rosewood C4149 (Probably) completed after fire febr. 3 1979 (231 guitars burned) No
19 Gurian JR Spruce Rosewood C4152 Completed by a former Gurian luthier after fire No
19 Gurian JR Spruce Rosewood C4156 - No


D Series

1980 and 1981 | West Swanzey, New Hampshire (“post fire” Gurians Hinsdale factory burned 1979)

Models Available:
Size 2
Size 3

Distinctive Features:
Two of fanciest models (Brazilian Rosewood J3R3H–Jumbo three-piece back rosewood/herringbone with Englemann spruce tops) were made, one was stolen.
One prototype Gurian 12-string made.

Known Guitars:

Year Model Top Back & Sides Serial Notes Profile
19 Gurian JM Spruce Mahogany D1135 - No
19 Gurian JR3H Spruce Rosewood D1177 1980-81 No
19 Gurian JM Spruce Mahogany D1207 From Owner- It is in excellent condition. It was my fathers.
19 Gurian JM Spruce Mahogany D1209 Originally sold new 1980 No
19 Gurian S2M Spruce Mahogany D1247 1980 No
19 Gurian S2M Spruce Mahogany D1254
19 Gurian S3M Spruce Mahogany D1283 1980 No
19 Gurian S3M Spruce Mahogany D1284 Germany 1980 Ebay Nov 2007 No
19 Gurian S3M Spruce Rosewood D1291 Shimmed splits in top No
19 Gurian S3R3H Spruce Rosewood D1301 On consignment 2012: my name is Bran Dillard , I have a shop ( Picker’s Supply) here in Virginia . I’m not sure if you are still collecting data on Gurian guitars , but I just received in two Gurian guitars for sale on consignment , one is a model J-K and the other is a Model 3-H-S3 R , I am assuming these are late 70’s models. Serial on the 3-H-S3 r is D1301 and the J-K is D1730 . If you would like any other info reply. Thanks , Bran No
19 Gurian S3R3H Spruce Rosewood D1306
19 Gurian S2R Spruce Rosewood D1315 - No
19 Gurian S2R Spruce Rosewood D1316 1980 No
19 Gurian CMPH Spruce Maple D1332 From Owner- I’m the original owner. I bought it at the Old Towne School of Music in around 1981. It’s a European maple cutaway. I played out for years, so it’s pretty scuffed up. I had the neck reset and the spruce top patched last year. But the worst thing I did to this poor guitar was to remove the original pickup (the one attached to the cute little golden knob on the bridge.) I really hated the sound of it. You could hear the wings of a fly go through it if the fly was in the next room. So it has a Martin pickup in the bottom peg hole. I know this is not what collectors prefer, but there it is.
19 Gurian S2M Spruce Mahogany D1345 1980 sold on eBay November 25, 2006 No
19 Gurian S2M Spruce Mahogany D1350 1980 No
19 Gurian S3M Spruce Mahogany D1373 full No
19 Gurian JM Spruce Mahogany D1402 gbase feb 2014 listed for $1295
19 Gurian CRH Spruce Rosewood D1431 sold on eBay February 17, 2007 No
19 Gurian JR Spruce Rosewood D1450 sold on eBay April 18/07 No
19 Gurian JR Spruce Rosewood D1452 Supposedly the only koa Jumbo ever (this is wrong) No
19 Gurian S2M Spruce Mahogany D1489 From Owner- original owner of S2M D1489 purchased in September 1980 from Gurian at his address in West Swanzey, NH via Friendly River. It is in pristine condition as my husband never was disciplined enough to play it. So it sits in its original case, never leaving the house. It was selected by a friend who is a semi professional guitarist.
19 Gurian S2M Spruce Mahogany D1499 From owner: I have a Gurian S2M, ser.# D1499. It is in very good shape although, like me, it is showing its age. It has some wear on the top finish from hard strumming, and a slight crack behind the saddle. I’ve just had the action adjusted and fixed by my guitar tech and had the frets recrowned as well. He has given it a once over and tells me there are no structural problems or loose braces. No
19 Gurian JK Spruce Koa D1507 - No
19 Gurian JM Spruce Mahogany D1609 Originally sold new New UK 1980 No
19 Gurian S2K Spruce Koa D1615 1980 No
19 Gurian S2K Spruce Koa D1617 1980-1 No
19 Gurian S3K Spruce Koa D1621 1980 No
19 Gurian S3R3H Spruce Rosewood D1636 1980 sold on eBay March 13, 2007 No
19 Gurian JM Spruce Mahogany D1653 1980-81 No
19 Gurian S3R3H Spruce Rosewood D1666
19 Gurian S3M Spruce Mahogany D1681 - No
19 Gurian S3M Spruce Mahogany D1688 - No
19 Gurian S3R Spruce Rosewood D1706 - No
19 Gurian JK Spruce Koa D1730 On consignment in 2012: my name is Bran Dillard , I have a shop ( Picker’s Supply) here in Virginia . I’m not sure if you are still collecting data on Gurian guitars , but I just received in two Gurian guitars for sale on consignment , one is a model J-K and the other is a Model 3-H-S3 R , I am assuming these are late 70’s models. Serial on the 3-H-S3 r is D1301 and the J-K is D1730 . If you would like any other info reply. Thanks , Bran
19 Gurian JK Spruce Koa D1735 - No
19 Gurian CLR Spruce Rosewood D1744 - No
19 Gurian CLR Spruce Rosewood D1804? - No
19 Gurian JR Spruce Rosewood D1820 1-7/8 inch nut sold on eBay June 5, 2007 No
19 Gurian JR Spruce Rosewood D1821 Ebay Mar 07 No
19 Gurian CLR Spruce Rosewood D1844? - No
19 Gurian JR Spruce Rosewood D1851 1980-81 No
19 Gurian S3R Spruce Rosewood D1861 Bought new SF June 1981 $750 No
19 Gurian S3R Spruce Rosewood D1862 - No
19 Gurian S3R Spruce Rosewood D1866 Originally sold from factory in 1980 No
19 Gurian JM Spruce Mahogany D1883 - No
19 Gurian J? Spruce Rosewood D1929 1981 No
19 Gurian JR Spruce Rosewood D1934 Ebay Oct 2008 No
19 Gurian S3M Spruce Mahogany D1940 Ebay Jan 2008 – 3 Screws in bridge – crack treble side of neck No
19 Gurian S3M Spruce Mahogany D1982 wide neck, 1-7/8 No
19 Gurian CLR Spruce Rosewood D2013 - No
19 Gurian S3M Spruce Mahogany D2069 Sold on eBay 5/12/07 No
19 Gurian S3M Spruce Mahogany D2105 - No
19 Gurian S3M Spruce Mahogany D2108 Ebay July 2007 No
19 Gurian S3M Spruce Mahogany D2118 - No
19 Gurian S3M Spruce Mahogany D21xx Ebay 2009- likely duplicate of D2118
19 Gurian JM Spruce Mahogany D2150 Playable, but all beat up No
19 Gurian JM Spruce Mahogany D2172 1981 No
19 Gurian CLM Spruce Mahogany D2230 Really beat up No
19 Gurian JM Spruce Mahogany D2244 1981? Full No
19 Gurian S3M Spruce Mahogany D2255 Full No
19 Gurian S3M Spruce Mahogany D2259 - No
19 Gurian JM Spruce Mahogany D2278 Full No
19 Gurian S2K Spruce Koa D2300 Bought New 1984 No
19 Gurian S3M Spruce Mahogany D2319 1981 No
19 Gurian JR Spruce Rosewood D2353 From Owner- Bought it on Ebay Australia in 2010 and had it shipped to Miami; miraculously, it arrived unharmed. Shipped it to California and had a Trance Audio Amulet system installed. There are probably better sounding guitars out there but I haven’t heard any.
19 Gurian S3M Spruce Mahogany D2316 Ebay Feb 2014 by merchandisedealer : has crack on front on back and is missing tip
19 Gurian CLR Spruce Rosewood D2370 - No
19 Gurian CLR Spruce Rosewood D2388 ?1981 No
19 Gurian CRH Spruce Rosewood D2391 New 1983 No
19 Gurian JR Spruce Rosewood D2403 From owner- my wife bought me JR2403 in 1983 at Matt Umanov on Bleecker Street and I still have, play and treasure it.
19 Gurian CLR Spruce Rosewood D2407 Ebay Sept 2007 No
19 Gurian JK Spruce Koa D2424 On criagslist 2012 Pending




Sold for under $1800. Best offer accepted.

19 Gurian CM Spruce Mahogany D2449 Full No
19 Gurian S3R Spruce Rosewood D2458 From Owner- I acquired this around 1990 in a trade with Vintage Fret Shop in NH. I have always liked the sound of the guitar, but it is a little difficult to keep in tune.
19 Gurian JM Spruce Mahogany D2460 Ebay Feb 2014 by van_gelder_music. listing was ended by the seller because the item is no longer available. Description: We are proud to offer this beautiful Gurian model JM guitar. Serial number D20436. For those in the know Michael Gurian was one of the first and finest boutique makers of guitars from the late 1960’s to the early 1980’s. It is in great shape considering that it is over 30 years old. There are a few scuffs and minor scratches but over all its in great shape. Please look at the pictures carefully. It looks like at sometime someone repaired the nut and re-slotted the high E at one time but it doesn’t effect the playability at all. The action is low and it sounds and plays like a dream. It comes with a used hard case. Good Luck bidding!NB: serial number is incorrect. D2460 see in photos
19 Gurian JR Spruce Rosewood D2461 1981 Full No
19 Gurian JR Spruce Rosewood D2464 No
19 Gurian S3R Spruce Rosewood D2471 - No
19 Gurian S3R Spruce Rosewood D2479 Possibly the last Gurian ever built – 1981 Full No
19 Gurian S3M Spruce Mahogany D2490 From Owner- My dad acquired this S3M guitar (serial # D2490) back in 1981/82. After M. Gurian’s shop burnt down in Hinsdale, he went bankrupt, during the settlement of which, this guitar was sold at auction. I know it was the last guitar ever sold because Michael had refused to sell it, as it had a defect on the back of the guitar. It doesn’t effect the playability of the guitar, but it is a noticeable defect. Apparently, as my dad tells the story, Michael was “cussing up a storm when it was on the auction block because of the defects. If he’d had his way, he would have smashed it.”
At this point, I know that it was one of the last (if not the last) production guitars that were ever completed in the shop before they closed the doors.

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