New Website for a New Era!

Dear Friends and readers,

We apologise for the service downtime on our website. Due to a corrupted php table, we had content offline for a few days. We’ve restored the content but have also taken the opportunity to update the website to a more compact, efficient format- in keeping with our move towards a periodical.

All the information will remain- let us reassure you of that. What you will see happening will be twofold. Firstly, new content will come online, maintaining the same focus as before. Secondly, our existing content will be updated and upgraded to reflect new developments, and also new links and urls.

In both instances, the format will shift from html to pdf- this will allow us to produce better content for you that is not limited by code. Better presentation and typography would be the main focus to improve your reading experience.

In the meantime, in case you haven’t had the chance, here’s the preview of Issue 1:

Warmest regards,
Editor, Guitarbench