Dear Friends,

A Belated Happy New Year. May your 2012 bring you musical joy!

Thank you for the support we have received from you over these past 5 years. Our website has gone from a small one to a significant information store with over 590 published posts and numerous features.

All these posts will need to upkept and linked and brushed up from time to time. It’s become almost a full time job for us and as things stand, we would not be able to sustain this into 2012.

This is a great pain to us as we truly enjoy producing articles for you.

Frankly, the problem is the format and style we are publishing in. The website offers fairly quick and easy reference and movement at the cost of a large investment in back end work.

So having analysed the situation, we will be moving into a periodic publishing. Don’t worry, we remain committed to our readers, so as long as we can obtain funding, we will keep the website going, as a reference.

Our goal is to publish, on a bimonthly basis, a free online magazine. It’ll be in PDF format and available free, from here as a download, 24 hours a day, 365 days a week.

A preview copy is available below.

Warmest regards,
The Guitarbench Team

Last Modified on February 16, 2012
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