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Steve Baughman is a renown Celtic fingerstyle performer and has recorded with Rounder Records and Solid Air Records and has toured an taught widely in the United States, Canada, Europe and Asia. This new album, Life in Prism, an album of fingerstyle solos and duets, was released in mid-July 2010.You can read an interview we did with Steve where he shares his story and his approaches to Celtic fingertstyle: here.

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Steve Baughman latest CD, “Life in Prism,” has been described as “more of the same”. That’s doing a real disservice to the collection of well crafted melodies, clean playing and delicate fills.

From his arrangement of Jay Ungar’s “Ashokan Farewell” to the Indonesian favourite “Bengawan Solo”, Steve’s fingerpicking comes to the fore. That’s not to say his clawhammer style is far off. “Julie Ann Johnson” allows him to open up and the percussive style drives the rhythm whilst carrying the melody.

But my most favourite parts are the slower, more subtle tunes. You can hear his appreciation of “Fanny Power” and the forementioned “Bengawan Solo” in the pregnant silences. It is truly where you can appreciate Steve’s talents in how much he chooses to leave unplayed. For the listener to imagine.



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Steve Baughman, Robin Bullock, and Al Petteway were all extremely gracious with their time and advice. I have attended the Swannanoa