1970 Bozo Podunavac 12 string Bell Western. SN:Unknown. Instrument database.

Bozo Podunavac | 12 string Bell Western | 1970 | SN:unknown


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Luthier Facts :
Name: Bozo Podunavac
Location: Florida

Wait list: Unknown at time of press
Taking Orders?: Unknown at time of press
RIYL: Intricate marquetry and fingerstyle dreadnoughts. Note: (RIYL) Recommended If You Like


  • Model: 12 String Bell Western
  • Year: 1970
  • Serial number:Unknown
  • Top: Unknown Spruce
  • Back & sides: Unknown Rosewood
  • Neck: Mahogany
  • Body length: 20 1/4
  • Upper bout: 11
  • Lower bout 16 1/2
  • Bridge:Ebony
  • Backstrip: Herringbone
  • Purfling: Herringbone
  • Headstock: Ebony
  • Nut width: 1 7/8”




This an early 12 string Bozo which I came across from Naperville Music. The description Mike from the store gave is as follows: “It is in very good condition with only minimal signs of normal play wear. It has been immaculately cared for by a collector client of ours over it’s 40 year history.  Everything functions just as it should and there are no issues of any sort.  The case is also in excellent condition.

This guitar is all original, but has a few repairs.  These were all done by a professional tech and are shown in the photos.  There are four cracks on the top that go from the bottom of the bridge to the bottom of the guitar.  These were all cleated and glued.  This guitar had a neck reset.  It’s a clean job, though you can make out where the separation and finish touch up was done if you’re really looking for it.  Apparently, when the neck was pulled for the reset, it caused two small cracks on the side next the the heel.  These were also cleated, glued, and finished.  Again, all of these repairs are totally pro and are common for an instrument of this age.

If you’re looking at this auction, I’m sure you know Bozo’s story.  He is world renowned for being one of the best boutique acoustic builders out there…especially his 12 strings.  There’s a reason why Leo Kottke and others have played his guitars for so long.

We just had our tech set it up with Martin phosphor 13’s and it plays like a dream with really nice low action.  The neck is a very comfortable profile and is super easy to get around on.  It’s got excellent projection and is a real boomer.  This guitar is very well balanced and ultra responsive…it sounds absolutely amazing!  It has really opened up over the years and has a very balanced and mature sound.  I can’t stress enough what a fine sounding instrument this is.  We’re all agreed around the shop here that it’s the best sounding 12 string any of us has encountered.

There are only a very few of these fine instruments in existence and I haven’t seen another one available for sale in quite some time.  Bozo is 81 and has significantly slimmed down the number of instruments he’s building.  He’s also got a lengthy waiting list.  This is a great piece, sounds fantastic, is drop dead gorgeous, and is a sure fire investment.”


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