1977 Gurian S3M. SN C2611. Guitar Database.

Gurian | S3M | 1977 | SN: C2611

1977 Gurian S3M. SN C2611. Guitar Database. Soundhole.

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Luthier Facts :
Name: Gurian
Hinsdale, New Hampshire
Wait list: No longer in production
RIYL:Gurians are considered to be excellent guitars and some of the better boutique guitars of the era.
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1977 Gurian S3M. SN C2611. Guitar Database. Spruce top.

  • Model: S3M
  • Serial no: C2611
  • Year: 1977
  • Top: Spruce
  • Back and sides: Mahogany
  • Headstock: Solid, “G” headstock decal
  • Fingerboard: Ebony
  • Bridge: Ebony
  • Total Length: 40.7″
  • Body length: 19.7″
  • Upper bout: 11.9″
  • Waist: 10.5″
  • Lower bout: 15.3″
  • Maximum depth: 4.0″
  • The current owner had this to say:

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    “This is a S3M, CN C2611. Looking up my records I acquired the guitar around 1995 (26 not 15 years in my possession as I had estimated). It was an even trade for a refurbished Gibson L5.

    There is no Gurian label and the photo doesn’t show the “G” headstock decal that’s there. Wish he had used an inlay. The SN/CN is stamped into the neckblock. The label that is showing is from Bucks County Folk Music Shop, 40 Sand Rd., New Britain PA, that they “inspected, adjusted and sold” the guitar. I called them in ’97 and they sent me a letter saying that “Karl sold only a handful of Gurian guitars.”

    The guitar has been well maintained but not pristine. It’s been played. A few finish chips and quite a bit of crazing on the spruce top. I heard that Gurian liked to experiment with finishes. The ebony fretboard is mottled, but the construction is still very solid, no anomalies otherwise. The action is very good, the trebles are bright and the bases nice and deep.”

    1977 Gurian S3M. SN C2611. Guitar Database. Mahogany Back

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