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R.E Brune | 25th Anniversary Guitar | 1991 | SN:24 of 25

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Luthier Facts :
Name:R.E Brune
Location: Chicago
Wait list: Yes
Taking Orders?: Yes
RIYL: Top of the line Flamenco & Classical Guitars
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  • Model: 25th Anniversary Model
  • Year: 1991
  • Serial number: 24/25
  • Top: Spruce
  • Back & sides: Brazilian Rosewood

The Aaron Green says: “This guitar is one of 25 guitars he built for his 25th anniversary as a luthier. The guitar was owned by my client who purchased it new. He passed away and I have sold his guitars on behalf of his widow. This guitar features a special rosette and label which are unique to the 25th anniversary guitars. The headstock is carved ebony in the pattern of a shield and garland. The workmanship is first rate, the materials are first rate and the sound is very impressive to say the least. Very powerful first string and clear with a fast response. The original owner played flamenco as well as classical so this guitar was fit with a tap plate. It has a few scratches and dings but nothing serious, the original french polish is in great shape”

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Aaron is a friend of ours and has contributed an interview to our magazine which you may find interesting:


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Here is a beautiful Jack Spira custom redwood tiger myrtle built for me in 2009.

This is Jack’s 200th guitar and it is spectacular. The detail on this guitar is amazing down to wenge tuners.

It plays like butter with a beautiful clear tone and smooth deep low end.

Check out the gidgee fretboard and spalted maple abolone rosettes. It is in like new condition