Highlights from the Classifieds 30/11/2010

Welcome to our weekly highlights of the Classifieds!

Earlier in the month, we have rolled out an exciting new feature- a free to list classifieds section. Unlike the prior version, this one is simple and easy to use. Attaching photos is a cinch and best of all it allows a good level of interaction between the buyer and seller through … the contact forms.

We will now feature a few instruments we feel are the most interesting from our classifieds section on a fortnightly/monthly basis. Some really great stuff comes through the classifieds and it would be a shame if it were to be overlooked!

NEW 2010 Wingert model E with Sonic Sitka Top/ Cocobolo Back and sides

I’ve known Kathy for a number of years and have played quite a number of her instruments. Each is a masterful blend of aesthetics and tone. I have not heard clarity and crystalline trebles like I have on a Wingert. This one is offered for sale by Kathy herself and is one of the instruments from the Sonic Sitka Project. Please Click on the photo above for the classifieds listing.

-Read the interview with kathy here: http://guitarbench.com/index.php/2008/06/26/kathy-wingert-guitars/
-Read about Kathy’s Sonic Sitka instrument here: http://www.guitarbench.com/2010/06/03/wingert-guitars-sonic-sitka-instrument-page/

1991 R.E Brune 25th Anniversary Guitar

Aaron Green is offering this wonderful Brune anniversary for sale. He says: “I have a rare 25th anniverary guitar by Richard Brune for sale. This guitar is one of 25 guitars he built for his 25th anniversary as a luthier. The guitar was owned by my client who purchased it new.The owner of this guitar was the owner of the famous 1951 Marcelo Barbero that was owned by Sabicas and used for his landmark album Flamenco Puro. Sadly he passed almost two years ago. His collection included a 1985 Manuel Reyes, a Conde Hermanos from 1969 and an Aaron Green from 2007. Those guitars have found new homes and the Brune is the last to go as it was, for his widow, the hardest guitar to let go of. It lived with the Barbero for close to 20 years and while that guitar will be staying in the family, this is a chance to own it’s sister guitar and one of the guitars from a most inspired collection.” Please Click on the photo above for the classifieds listing.

-You can also check out our interview with Aaron here: http://www.guitarbench.com/2010/03/10/aaron-green-guitars-luthier-interview/

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