Update 17/10/10

Dear friends,

Thank you for your continuing support and encouragement.

We’ve been hard at work trying to improve our site as well as bring you new, better content. You will notice quite a bit of house cleaning- we’re just touching up bits of code to make small but useful changes in the way the website works and looks. Articles will be more streamlined and better presented, broken links fixed etc.

We’re also concentrating on several areas of the site which have been slightly left behind the other content. We’ve made a big push into bringing you more Tonewood as well as Instrument profiles and of course with the fabulous Celtic Masterclass column by Anton Emery, we now have fairly regular lessons and tab to share with you.

And of course, with the Singapore Guitar Show, we have been plugging away at processing the videos and photos as well as speaking to folks to bring you exclusive content from that event- but check out the article in the Straits Times we were featued in!

We hope you find our site interesting and useful in the weeks and months to come.

The Guitarbench Team.