DJB Guitars Biography

Luthier Facts :
Name: Danny Brown
Location: Bethlehem, PA USA

Status?: Currently Active
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Danny Brown has worked at the C.F. Martin Guitar factory for the past 22 years. While working at the factory, Danny was fortunate to be trained by some of the finest craftsmen in the world. During his tenure, Danny has worked in all aspects of the building process including production, repair and Research & Development. Currently Danny works in The Martin Custom Shop in Domestic Sales.

He has taught guitar building classes at Peter’s Valley Craft Education Center in Layton, N.J. and also at The Nazareth Guitar Institute, formerly The Church of Art in Nazareth, PA. Being an experienced player enhances his abilities in hand-built instruments. The hands-on experience he received at Martin Guitar coupled with a true passion for the instrument enables
Dan to build a solid, great-sounding guitar.

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