Singapore Guitar Show 2010

The Singapore Guitar Show 2010 is the first event in South East Asia devoted to the appreciation of fine guitars and the art of building these amazing instruments. Guitars have been used by musicians for thousands of years and a well-made and well-played guitar can deeply touch a single soul or inspire thousands of people. The Singapore Guitar Show 2010 features artists and artisans from around the globe who devote their lives to crafting and playing these beautiful instruments.

The exhibition is organised by an online guitar magazine seeking to bring it’s digital content to the public by allowing visitors to see, play, hear and buy the best guitars and accessories from around the world!

Held at Suntec Exhibition Centre, Singapore from Oct 2-3, the Singapore Guitar Show 2010 offers all guitar fans the opportunity to come together and experience the most beautiful guitars handcrafted by world-class builders and workshops as well as shop for strings and accessories.

Guitars from John Greven from the USA, Jack Spira and Maton from Australia, Christian Druery from New Zealand and home grown Malcolm Tan and Maestro are just some of the many instruments that will be on show. Strings and accessories from many brands including John Pearse, D-TAR and Sozo help complete the Singapore Guitar Show experience.

Also, don’t miss the chance to come and watch players demonstrate these instruments. Co-organised by Maestro Guitars, experience the art of guitar performance showcasing local and regional players at the first-ever Singapore Guitar Show 2010.
Best of all, admission is free!

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