Update June 2010

Dear friends and readers,

Thank you continuing to support and visit our online magazine. We hope our articles have been interesting and informative.

Some news:


– Thanks to your support we have been posting fantastic hits- around half a million a month! Thank you.


Our site is growing and taking increasing amounts of bandwidth and space. Our sponsors have been very generous and we hope to be able to attract additional funding to offset our increased monthly costs. If you would like to help out or know of someone looking for advertising space, please let us know! Contact here


-we are thrilled to announce a new member of the Guitarbench family. Celtic guitar wizard Anton Emery will be contributing a column on Celtic guitar fingerstyle. This will focus on playing and arranging techniques. We are very excited to have Anton with us and hope you find his column useful and entertaining.

-also the Sonic Sitka project has chosen us to host their endevour. We are pleased to support this ambitious project by providing a database of the luthiers involved as well as the instruments crafted and vital information. Stay tuned for regular updates!


– A slightly new design will be launched next month where excerpts will be posted on the frontpage. This will reduce loading times and also allow us to keep more articles on the frontpage for your convenience.

– with the excerpts, we will also be running an experiment by having a monthly focus for the magazine. For example, a focus on celtic fingerstyle or weissenborns. Our usual regular columns will continue, but you will find a theme for our feature articles over the course of the month. We hope this focus will help us provide you with even more interesting articles. Check it out here


– We have been hard at work revising the coding for our articles. The move to the new website had unforseen consequences on the layout of the articles due to the original coding. We have been working hard to correct this. With over 300 posts, it will take a little time so we do ask for your patience and understanding as we work through the backlog.

Warmest regards,
The Guitarbench Team