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Luthier Facts :
Name: Kathy Wingert
Location: Ca, USA

Status?: Currently Active
Interview: here
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In 1996, to further pursue her passion for fine guitars, Kathy began building guitars and building a dream.  Kathy’s passion for the beauty of the guitar, coupled with her desire to find each guitar’s individual voice, has lead to the creation of finely crafted guitars of structural integrity with tonal and visual beauty.

Kathy  Wingert

Kathy is committed to building guitars one at a time and committed to taking the time to get the most out of each instrument she builds.  That focus on individuality keeps production low with fewer than 18 guitars built per year.  In addition to a full-time building schedule, Kathy was asked to teach an acoustic guitar making course semi annually at Musicians Institute in Hollywood under their Guitar Craft Academy.  (MI is the parent company for G.I.T.)

Kathy says, “When Denis approached me about the Sonic Sitka project I was skeptical.  I am pretty fussy about my top woods and prefer to work with woods I know well.  When I received my set of wood I couldn’t quite find the guitar that I wanted to build in it, so I remained skeptical, but Denis was gracious and found me another piece more to my liking.  When I strung the guitar up for the first time, I became a convert.

The Sonic sitka wood has very densely packed grain but a surface softness that was unfamiliar to me in sitka.  The result was simply delicious.  All the fundamental so typical to sitka is there, but the noteworthy part of it is the attack characteristic.  It has a solid punch, but only when called upon, the rest of the time it remains a subtle underpinning to the tone.  I love this stuff!  This would have been a worthy project just for the data, but it’s just great that the guitar is going to be fun to play, watch, and enjoy.”

Each custom ordered guitar is a labor of love for both customer and builder.  While the language and perception of tone is subjective, Kathy loves the process of finding a common language to discuss the customer’s desire.  That process has given Kathy very satisfied customers.

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