A big thank you to our readers and sponsors.

1933 Larson Stahl Style 7 guitar

It’s a bit of a special day for guitarbench.com because it was this at this time, 2 years ago that I started planning this website. It’s been quite a journey from the initial coding to writing articles but every step of the way I had a lot of great support and I’d like to thank every one of you for your continuing support.

Put it this way, we’ve gone from a small blog style site to a mid sized online magazine format. Or to put it in statistical terms, Alexa and Technorati rank us in the Top 0.34% and 0.23% [respectively] of sites globally. That’s all thanks to you!

Let me just outline the future plans for Guitarbench.

1. Website redesign. You’ve all heard about this but briefly, our layout will be improved. You will see a different aesthetic which will improve navigation and readability.

2. Database improvement. Shortly after the redesign, the databases will be brought to full capability with search forms and user submitted forms. These will allow users to submit their guitars to our database through a convenient, easy format.

3. Classifieds. We’ll start to offer user submitted classifieds around the time of the database upgrades. These will be on a free basis.

4. We will continue to bring in sponsors to keep the website running, but this will be limited in number and size. We are committed to enhancing your Guitarbench.com experience and vouch that these will not impact on your visit.

5. One of the main areas I have working to improve is expanding our non-gear content. I hope to have several columns focused on other topics: namely, playing technique, instruction and on alternative styles.

What do you think of our plans for the future? Sounds good to you? Leave us a comment!

Photo ©2009 Randy Cole. Used with permission.