Why we continue to need sponsors. Editorial.

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Ok, it’s time to talk the hard talk about sponsors. Let me be honest. We need funding to continue to run this site. The website uses up a lot of bandwidth especially for the high res photos and mp3s we host. That costs money. We have to purchase coding services to keep the databases and classifieds running smoothly. That costs money too.

I spend around 4 hours each day on average to keep everything running smoothly. That’s writing the articles and maintaining the backend. We have contributors working just as hard as myself to continue to bring you high quality articles.

All of it takes funding and for guitarbench, the best way of bringing in that funding is through sponsorship. We can then provide appropriate links and adverts in a manner which enhances your visit. Over time, we aim to broaden the way we fund the website thus lowering our sponsorships.

I’d like to hear your views… do you think sponsorship on Guitarbench is a positive or negative thing?

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