1986 Martin HD-28 Brazil. SN 466131. Guitar Database.

Martin | HD-28 Brazil | 1986 | SN:466131

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1986 Martin HD-28 brazilian rosewood guitar. SN 466131. Guitar Database.

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Luthier Facts :
Name: Martin
Location: Nazereth, PA

Wait list: Sockists Worldwide
Taking Orders?: Yes, standard & customs
RIYL: Martin have set the benchmark for a lot of builders and manufacturers.
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1986 Martin HD-28 brazilian rosewood guitar. SN 466131. Guitar Database.

  • Model: HD-28 Brazil
  • Serial no: 466131
  • Year: 1986
  • Top:  Spruce – may be Englemann
  • Bracing: Scalloped
  • Back and sides: Brazilian Rosewood
  • Neck: Mahogany
  • Purfling: Herringbone
  • Fingerboard: Ebony
  • Bridge: Ebony

  • 1986 Martin HD-28 brazilian rosewood guitar. SN 466131. Guitar Database.

    1986 Martin HD-28  brazilian rosewood guitar. SN 466131. Guitar Database.This is a Brazilian rosewood herringbone D28 style which Martin put out in the 80’s as a limited edition. This series was intended as a reproduction of the earlier prewar D28 model.

    The prior owner had this to say:”I have played several 1986 hd28 models, and they have all been superb quality and sound. (Most flat picker’s eyes will light up at the mention of a 1986 hd28 model)!!

    It is made of “book- matched slab cut Brazilian”- top notch tonewood!!! This guitar is almost 23 years old. It is broken in with thundering lows, booming mids, and sweet melodic highs. Here is a brief description of this guitar along with any issues it has: It has the usual finish checking cracks in the top from previous dummies that don’t humidify properly.

    The checking has added personality, and has not affected the playing or sound of this instrument in any way. There are a couple of noticeable dings on the top-just above the sound hole and to the right, and also on the top -bottom right if looking down on the guitar-see pictures! It appears to look like 2 small “b-b” size dings, but both are through the finish and not the wood. This has not affected playing, volume or tone in any way.

    1986 Martin HD-28  brazilian rosewood guitar. SN 466131. Guitar Database.The frets are all good and the set-neck is adjusted perfectly for flat picking. The fretboard is smooth with little or no wear and the v neck is strong as an ox and shows little wear on the back. The “Martin” Tuners are original and stay in tune. The bridge has a modified bone saddle -see picture, and this has improved the tone and volume. The bridge and saddle appears to be original- or possibly special order modification.. The belly is normal with no swelling or sinking, and the bridge is sitting tightly in place.

    The guitar conforms to the typical specifications of the model for the period with a full dreadnought size body, Sitka spruce top with scalloped bracing and herringbone trim, Brazilian rosewood back, sides, and headstock veneer, mahogany neck, ebony fingerboard with dot inlays, ebony bridge, and clear lacquer finish. This model was made as a limited edition instrument.

    Brazilian rosewood was not routinely used by Martin after late 1969 at which time Indian rosewood was substituted for Brazilian and only very small numbers of limited edition Brazilian rosewood guitars were produced. Brazilian rosewood is now on Appendix I of the CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species) treaty. Importation of this wood is no longer legal and guitars made with this material are greatly sought by collectors as well as musicians.”

    1986 Martin HD-28 brazilian rosewood guitar. SN 466131. Guitar Database.

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    References: Martin Guitars, a History by Mike Longworth.

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