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Martin | 00-28 | 1910 | Serial:11030

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1910 Martin 00-28 guitar Serial Number 11030 1910 Martin 00-28 guitar Serial Number 11030

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Luthier Facts :
Name: Martin
Location: Nazereth, PA

Wait list: Sockists Worldwide
Taking Orders?: Yes, standard & customs
RIYL: Martin have set the benchmark for a lot of builders and manufacturers.
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1910 Martin 00-28 guitar Serial Number 11030

  • Model: 00-28 style1910 Martin 00-28 guitar Serial Number 11030
  • Year: 1910
  • Top:  Red spruce
  • Back and sides: Brazilian rosewood
  • Neck: Cedar
  • Total length: 37 3/4
  • Body length: 19 5/8
  • Upper bout: 9 3/4
  • Lower bout 14 1/8
  • Depth upper bout: 3 1/4
  • Depth lower bout: 4 1/16
  • Bridge:Ebony
  • Binding: Ivory
  • Rosette:Line
  • Backstrip:Zig-Zag
  • Purfling: Herringbone
  • Headstock: Rosewood
  • Scale Length: 24.9”
  • Nut width: 1 7/8”
  • Twelfth fret width:2 5/16”

1910 Martin 00-28 guitar Serial Number 11030

1910 Martin 00-28 guitar Serial Number 11030This is a nice, mostly original 00-28 from the pre-steel string period of the Martin History. It still retains tghe genuine ivory binding and the finer herringbone of the earlier 28 styles.

The previous owner has this to say about this instrument “This old Martin has been set up recently at the shop of Eric Schoenberg, rewnoned luthier and player (e.g. action and intonation have been adjusted so that it is comfortable to play and plays in tune all the way up the neck).

Brazilian Rosewood back and sides. The guitar has its original finish, which is in quite good condition considering it’s almost 100 years old!   There are some scratches and scuffs, but overall it’s in quite good cosmetic shape (see photos). There is evidence that a larger bridge had been previously installed, which has been replaced with the correct pyramid bridge. The action is comfortable all the way up the neck.  It’s a 12-fret slothead, with the associated wonderful tone and comfort of playing.

The serial number inside is 11030, which places it early in 1910 (probably about the 11th guitar made that year by Martin). It originally was played with gut strings, but has been strung with silk and steel for years, with no bellying or other ill effects (and by the way is the best sounding guitar I or my fellow players have ever heard!).”

1910 Martin 00-28 guitar Serial Number 11030

1910 Martin 00-28 guitar Serial Number 11030

1910 Martin 00-28 guitar Serial Number 11030

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