Melbourne Guitar Makers Festival | 2009

Melbourne Guitar Makers Festival | 16-17th May 2009

Melbourne guitar makers festival

Happen to be near Melbourne this weekend? Why not visit the Melbourne Guitar Makers Festival!

Festival Facts :
Name: Melbourne Guitar Makers
: Abbotsford Convent, Melbourne, Australia

16 & 17th May 2009

The History

Jack SpiraThe Melbourne Guitar Makers Festival is something new starting up within the Victorian community of luthiers, inspired by some great international festivals of instrument making like the Healdsburg Guitar Festival in California. Many times over the years instrument makers have got together at the big folk festivals and have had a great time swapping ideas, admiring each others work and getting together with many musicians for productive and inspiring gatherings.

A few years ago, a bunch of makers from Melbourne started having regular meetings. Realising that Victoria is rich with highly skilled instrument makers they started talking about the possibility of staging an event to capture this essential energy when makers and players all get together, to be inspired by each others’ passion for the instrument. In early 2007 three makers in particular, Phil Carson Crickmore, Jim Matheas and Jack Spira, decided to take the bull by the horns and plan the Melbourne Guitar Makers Festival.

The details

David Worthy guitarThe Melbourne Guitar makers Festival is a two day event over the weekend of the 16th and 17th of May 2009. During the days the exhibition will be held in two of the largest rooms in the main convent building. There is plenty of space and the exhibition will be designed to give lots of seating and space for people to sit and play the instruments. Some very fine players will also be floating around during the two days. The makers too, of course, will be on hand to discuss their craft. comprising an exhibition of instruments made by some of the country’s best makers.

These luthiers will be exhibiting their finest and latest work, so come along and experience the cutting edge of the craft and meet the artisans. In the evening, enjoy an acoustic concert from some of  Melbourne’s leading players. Stay tuned for programme. The guitar makers festival will be held in the beautiful halls of the Abbotsford convent. A relaxing and spacious atmosphere in which to appreciate these acoustic instruments. The convent is set in tranquil gardens at the end of St Helliers road in Abbotsford, next to the Collingwood children’s farm and the Yarra river. There is a carpark opposite the convent and Collingwood railway station is not far away $10 entry gets you in for the whole weekend and the concert.

The Venue

The festival will be held in the beautiful halls of the Abbotsford Convent. Built at the end of the 19th century, this gothic style complex is set in spacious gardens on the banks of the Yarra river. There are plenty of spaces around to sit with the guitars in a tranquil environment. There are two café’s on the site as well as numerous interesting arts and craft enterprises. It’s also very convenient to the centre of the city and will hopefully make a very agreeable and accessible venue for anyone who feels like enjoying a day or two of fine instrument making and music.

The Details

At the Guitar stival, Abbotsford convent, Saturday 16th or May at 7.30pm. The MC for the evening will be Skip Sail. A great player, and font of knowledge of all things guitar, Skip will navigate us through the evening and bring together some beautiful instruments with some other great players.We have three main acts to present, and a few more possibilities like Gerry Hale and Kate Bourke and other generous musicians who may be able to play for us. And on Sunday, we’re fortunate to have Steve Magnusson in to play some great music. As well as Peter Miller down from Queensland

The Lineup

Sam Lemann and Hetty kate. Sam is an amazing guitarist, for those who don’t know him you’re in for a treat! Sam can play just about anything, swing, bluegrass, jazz you name it. He’s also so smoothly able to step in with many other players. For this show he’s planning a duo with the very cool Hetty Kate.

Jeff Raglus and Victoriana Gaye
Victoriana Gaye on MySpace Music – Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Videos  Jeff Raglus myspace

Also we have the enchanting improvisations of Jarek Czechowicz. Jareks’ playing is really something special.

Finally we present the beautiful finger picking and singing of David Ross MacDonald. David has been a champion of guitar makers, bringing out his Southern Crossings CD in 2002, a collection of original music played on guitars made by makers all across Australia.

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