Steve Kaufman: Pigtown Fling Tab Lesson

Pigtown Fling| Tab & lesson| Steve Kaufman

Steve Kaufman

Steve says:

“Here’s an easy tune for you flatpickers. Pigtown Fling is sometimes called Stony Point but Stony Point is a 4 part tune (See my book Championship Flatpicking) as taught to me by John Hartford. Pigtown Fling is a fun tune to play and you shouldn’t have much trouble. It really comes to life when played with the back up.

Hint: When you have two notes or the same fret on adjacent strings – use two fingers to fret the notes. If you use one finger, one of the notes will suffer. Either from being chopped off too quickly or muffled.

The last two measures of each part is a typical Texas style G song ending. It’s a nice weave of notes that are interchangeable in many songs.”

Pigtown Fling Guitar Tab taught by Steve Kaufman

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