Stolen Guitar announcement.

I received this news a while back from Howard Klepper who has sufffered from the theft of 2 of his guitars:

“Two week ago I shipped two guitars COD to Long Beach, CA to a man identifying himself as Jonathan Silk (likely not his real name). Payment was made by Bank of America cashiers checks. It took UPS almost two weeks to get the checks to me, and another week for the bank to mail a notice to me they they had bounced. Then after getting handed around to three people at the bank, someone was finally able to tell me that these were forged checks.

Here are photos of the two guitars. They are one of a kind. They say “Klepper” on the headstocks.”

Please contact us ( ) or Howard ( ) directly if you have seen or heard anything about these guitars. We appreciate your help.

Stolen Klepper Guitar

Stolen Klepper Guitar

Stolen Klepper Guitar

Pictures courtesy of Howard Klepper ©2009
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