Rasgueo Armrest: Armrest Update.

Rasgueo Guitar Armrests | Feature Article | Update:After Market Rests

Rasgueo guitar armrest

The Rasgueo Guitar Armrest was recently brought to my attention after I had written the article on after market rests [here]. The inventor, 6′ tall Paul Spielman found he was hunching over his classical guitar, experiencing discomfort and pain.

Rasgueo guitar armrest

Rasgueo guitar armrest

He designed the armrest to provide additional height & support to play in a comfortable posture. The Rasgueo is a lightweight, clear plastic molded armrest with 3 screw mounted suction cups (like the Plenosom). Thus can be placed in a variety of positions and will not marr the finish of a guitar. The armrests come in a variety of sizes. Costs: US$75

I’ve been using this armrests for a number of weeks now and I find that:

1. Installation is simple. The easy on easy off suction cups even have little tabs to help removal. The suction cups do stick better than the Plenosom.

2. The rests are comfortable– the molding is comfortable but the design has some flex in it to allow mild adjustment. However, as a smaller individual playing M or D sizes, the armrest is too much, it pushes the right hand too far away for comfort- although I did use to great effect on a parlor guitar!

3. Improvements in tone are subjective.

4. Problem: Perfect for large chaps playing small guitars who need that extra support, but too much for larger shapes and smaller folks. However, because of it’s suction cups, I found an alternative use for it- as a rib rest! I reversed the rest and with the bigger guitars, it allows my chest relief from the edge of the binding.

Rasgueo guitar armrest

Summary: A perfectly functional tool for who it was designed for: Large Classical Players but because of it’s flexibility has many applications- as the forementioned rib rest.

So, the suction cup system works better than the plenosom and it can used by all players alike. It is more expensive and compared to the John Pearse models (which many feel are the gold standard) but it is a non-permanent flexible tool, which will not affect future resale.

Here’s a pic of the model for this article, my Spira OOOO.

Rasgueo guitar armrest

Link: http://www.rasgueo-rest.com/

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