Site Update.

It’s been sometime since I’ve had to write an update- as the blog settles in, the outages and testing should reduce.

Here are the list of upcoming updates, problems and highlights.

1. We’ve gone mulitmedia snazzy and now you can play mp3s within the blog itself with a nifty little plugin we found. Enjoy the music whilst reading the text! [problem]We haven’t 100% implemented it into the mp3 reference section due to incompatibility with later versions of flash when using more than 5 players.

2. The tonewoods database is beginning to take shape slowly. A new tonewood will be added each week.

3. We’re going to be hosting a chat session in the forum once a week, starting from October. We’ll announce the day a week in advance to give you some warning. Hope to catch you all there!

|Okay, slight rehash|

1. The costs of running are beginning to mount. On average it takes me 4-5 hours a day in total to keep things ticking over and the bandwidth charges are also rising with the large number of high resolution pictures and mp3s we host.

I am thus going to slowly introduce several things to help offset the costs and keep us running. I guarantee however, that these will not affect your reading or browsing through the content. Editorial content will remain unchanged. That is our promise to you.

The changes you’ll see will be:

1. Sponsor links on the sidebars and the bottom of the articles.

2. An occasional auction of an instrument or material to raise money.

3. Additional editorial content will be an additional segment on book reviews. Our opinion will be unbiased and we will offer a link to amazon should you consider purchasing a similar or the reviewed book- we don’t get paid for clicks, but we do get a little bit of cash if you purchase through the link.

Yours Sincerely,
The Guitarbench team.