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ffred jones grew up in Newport, South Wales on a diet of Coldplay and Jack Johnson with Dylan, Joanna Newsom, John Butler Trio and Paco De Lucia thrown in for good measure. His new EP features sounds immediately comfortable with shades of English indie and American Folk Pop. A surprisingly gentle vocal effect accompanies fine fingerstyle work.

In particular, there are two standout songs:

Your disgrace
– It’s particularly difficult to convey in a Melancholic theme in a fast paced song but this one succeeds on many levels. The easy going vocals, the scale and the use of timing and melogy all come together.
ffred jones- Your Disgrace

Silhouettes and snowfall
– This lovely tune sounds like a product between Coldplay and Damien Rice. Lyrically it has an accessible, laid back simplicity which floats above a solid melody. Interspersed with enough picking hooks to please the casual listener.
ffred jones- Silhouettes and snowfall

Perhaps the fact that ffred insists on having in lower case is perhaps the best indication of the music character at work here- laid back, unpretentious but full of character and substance.

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