Welcome to our home on the web! Guitarbench Magazine is all about guitars.

In particular, acoustic and classical guitars and a selection of other acoustic instruments… lapslides, harp guitars and ukuleles.

A new start for 2014!

For 2014 we have a new web based system. This site will continue on as the archive and repository of articles and knowledge we have. You will find free articles and interviews here, along with our extensive guitar database. Please feel free to browse through the site.

But we also will have a dedicated site for the magazine, which allows for a more streamlined navigation and download experience for our subscribers. The guitarbench magazine offers a more cohesive, pleasant reading experience with higher quality images and less adverts.

Just click on the image below to head to the magazine site.


For information or inquiries, please contact Terence at: terence@guitarbench.com


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